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Bipolar Obama Justice: Sue Arizona for Attempting to Enforce, Ignore Sanctuary Cities That Flaunt

President Obama and his justice department are going after Arizona for doing something, anything, to protect America’s soverign borders while the Feds dither.   Now, it isn’t just Obama; for once he rightfully can lay blame on the lack of border security and immigration enforcement on Bush.   And Bush can point the his finger and wag or swagger it at Clinton, who can point to Bush the Elder, who can…are you getting sick of this game of passing the peso like I am?

Apparently Obama wants to do something about it, too.  He wants Arizona to leave the enforcement and security where it belongs: with him and the Feds.  I could see his complaint if only ICE was putting illegal aliens on ice.  But they aren’t. 

Arizona is one of the states on the front line literally of illegal tresspassers breaking and entering our country.  American and Arizonan citizens are being murdered.  Where is the uproar for Arizonans killed by illegal immigrants?   Where is the outrage?   Where are the Feds?   In court trying to stop Arizona, that’s where.

At the heart of the lawsuit, its reason for being, is the classic Federal versus State argument that’s raged since Philadelphia circa 1787.  The Feds don’t want Arizona (or any other state) to make and enforce laws that are the provenance of the same Feds; even if the Feds don’t enforce their own laws to the detriment of the states and the nation.

Obama says Federal trumps state even if the Federal enforcement means twiddling their thumbs.   Even if the Arizonan law on its salient points merely allows the state to enforce the Federal statues at the state level.

And if other states want to follow Arizona by passing their own version of SB 1070, they can also follow them to court as well.  Obama is serious about states and localities not passing laws counter to Federal law.

Unless, of course, you are a Sanctuary City that protects and hides illegals. 

Justice has two blind eyes, but Obama’s Justice also has a two-sided mouth.


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