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The Browns, the playoffs, and waiting for next year-AGAIN!

Browns win and the season ends on a high note.  These last four games have a hint of better football times here next year.  The way they played out the string by winning makes me wish the regular season had a few more weeks to go.  Not really.  There was no way to ever overcome the deep losing hole this team dug themselves earlier.

I have no idea if Eric Mangini will or even should be fired.  There are concerns about some of his decisions with the draft and players used and not used during the season that Mangini needs to explain to his new boss. 

There are a few highlights: we finally beat Pittsburgh and helped eliminate them from the playoffs, Josh Cribbs(whose autograph I have from a practice scrimmage), and Jerome Harrison-rushing machine. 

Sadly, the QB situation leaves me thinking we may need a new one altogether.

Some days, like this snowing one, there is nothing better then being a couch potato in front of the television watching football; especially a winning effort by The Browns. 

Another bonus for today’s football viewing: Denver lost and are out of the playoffs.

This season’s ending with one AFC playoff berth pending.  But the way the Bengals/Jets game is going all Jets every play(current score Cin 0 NYJ 24 with :20 seconds to go in the 1st half)it seems decided: Jets in and Texans out. 

Next week the playoffs begin and now my search for a rooting interest starts.

NFC: I’m leaning towards the Saints.

AFC: Open for suggestions.  I can’t support Cincinnati being a rival and all that, maybe if they get on a roll and convince me.  So, I am looking to San Diego.  

Of all the teams alive in the playoffs, only New Orleans has never been to the Super Bowl. 

If they make it, the teams to have never made it to the big Roman numeral games will be down to four: Browns, Lions, Jaguars, and Texans.  Only Browns and Lions are old pre-super bowl teams.

And we, Cleveland, are the only city to not only not have a team make it to the super bowl, but also to never have hosted one(Detroit has had it twice). 

We should capitalize on this:  Welcome to Cleveland, we don’t win shit!

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