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Now It Is A Campaign: Romney Picks Ryan for VP

Wow. This blogger is surprised.

I thought Rob Portman, U.S. Senator from OH-IO was the frontrunner in the so-called veep sweepstakes. Of course some homerism was in play along with Senator Portman’s solid credentials. But we would have lost him in the senate even though Governor Kasich would have picked a solid replacement.

On the competency scale, Rep. Paul Ryan is another solid addition to Mitt Romney’s sheer business acumen and over-all competence.

Just on competence alone does Romney-Ryan beat Obama-Biden. Can you seriously look at that other side and think “they really know what they are doing”?

When it comes to competency, Romney-Ryan is the USA Basketball team and Obama-Biden are the Nigerian basketball team at the London Olympics.

Of course, the actual election will be a lot closer than that final score.

How about a little taste of what Ryan brings to Team Romney:

Watch Obama’s face as he knows he is being taken to task by Ryan and is losing on the merits.

If this is what Ryan will bring to this campaign the polls will tighten.


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I Doubt The NRCC Reads This Blog But Go Figure…

From the NRCC Facebook page:

Maybe someone read yesterday’s post.

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Roberts to Obama: It’s A Big Fucking Tax Deal!

Who knew that Chief Justice Roberts secretly wanted to be a congressman? Because at the heart of his majority opinion is where he changed out of his jurist robes into his legislator’s costume.  How else can you explain what happened Thursday as the court ruled to uphold the constitutionality of the misnamed Affordable Care Act by finding the mandate is only a mandate if it is a mandated tax?

Roberts did a ctrl h to the law replacing the repeated word ‘penalty’ with the constitutionally approved word ‘tax’.  And like magic the judicial branch has grown its own legislative branch.

But wait…there’s more! Obama himself argued that his mandate was not a tax:

And during the first opening oral arguments the Supremes were trying to ascertain if the mandate indeed was a mere penalty or really a tax.

This little bit of debate was key to the entire case before the Supremes because the Anti-Injunction Act prevents lawsuits before a tax is paid. Taxpayers must pay the imposed tax to have standing to sue against the tax. Obama-care’s penalties taxes are not due until 2014. If the mandate is a tax there is no case and the suit is tossed out.

So, team Obama argued it is not a tax and the court accepted it to be not a tax so the case could move forward to have Roberts decide that, yes, indeed, it is a tax.

If your head is spinning it means you are following along nicely. It you feel the ground moving, that is because the Founding Fathers are following along and spinning in their respective graves.

Yes, it was that kind of week Thursday was.

Some of you (okay, the one of you who does read this) may have seen some esteemed fellow conservative commentators commentate that this ruling was indeed the work of genius as it puts Obama-care into realm of the largest tax increase in history and ties the Democrats to this tax increase while preserving limits to the Commerce Clause.


First off who in their right, center-right, center, left of center minds do not know that Democrats love increasing taxes? Any tax increase is never taxed enough or high enough for them.

And limiting the Commerce Clause by removing the limits as long as the expansion is a tax levy–even if such wording and debating states the exact opposite of a tax levy. That is one limit to be honored.

Now, this blogger has in the past over-used cleaning the litter box as a metaphor for political studies. As I sift out the pee clumps and cat shit I know there is not going to be any gold or diamonds found in the box after I am done. Somehow our esteemed brighter lights of commentary think they have found gold and diamonds amid the piss and shit in this litter box filled by Chief Justice Roberts’ opinion.

There ain’t any.

This ruling is a loss, a defeat, a crushing blow to our side who believes in limited government under a strict constitution where each branch is separate and plays in their own litter box for the good of the republic and its citizens. There is no other way this litter sifter sees it.

So, what happens next?

I don’t know. But if past is prologue we are stuck with this badly decided ruling for maybe 100 years or so.  I am not being overly pessimistic just resolutely realistic.

Dred Scott took a civil war to overturn it.

Plessy which made segregation the law of the land took 6o years before Brown overturned it.

Roe is still enforcing a faux right to abortion since 1972 despite it being a cornerstone of conservative campaigning against.

So how long do you really think it will take before the Affordable Care Act ruling is overturned by a future court or legislative act?

And if it is by legislative act that this is overturned and a new suit is brought before the Supremes, will some future Chief Justice effect the rules of Roberts and ctrl h it to mean whatever the court wants it to mean to fit into their opinion?

By then maybe our liberty and freedoms too will have come under the SCOTUS editor and be easily replaced with a keystroke.

That is why this is even a bigger fucking deal than that master of vice Vice President Joe Biden made it out to be.

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Mr. Gray-Glo’s Commercial Debut

Last week your humble maker of typos was invited by Team Romney to be in a campaign commercial specially for Ohioans.

I was–no snickering–talent.

I was happy to do it but surprised by the invite as during the primary this blogger posted his endorsement of Rick Santorum.  But Team Romney are making great strides in uniting the clans–I mean bringing in the various Republican factions. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul son of libertarian leaning presidential candidate Ron is on board with Team Romney. Mr. Gray-Glo, too, is on board to recover America from the changeless hopelessness brought on by the Obama era.

Because the content of the ad was embargoed, I could not post about it. Embargoed is a great word to use for many different circumstances: I would have paid my bills but the economy was embargoed by Obama. See?

Tim O’Toole, the producer/videographer/line giver, asked me to hold off posting (as if anyone really reads you–The Voice) until the commercial is released. They wanted the content to hit Obama by surprise.

This is one huge difference this video star (there will be no living with him now–The Voice) notices between Team Romney’s campaign and the failed McCain campaign way back in ’08; Romney is Fast and Furious in getting his message out and rebutting Obama. Any time Obama’s teleprompter makes a gaffe, Team Romney is on it and has a commercial released.

And so it went with Obama’s comment that the “private sector is doing fine” coming on the anniversary of Recovery Summer.

Two years ago the president was in Ohio touting his amazing Summer of Stimulus, he just forgot the recovery part.

And that is the message of the Recover Our Country video I and other Romney Team supporters made last week.

Quite a few of the men and women in the montage are from the conservative grassroots organization Cuyahoga Valley Republicans. We were founded in July 2009 as we saw where Obama was leading our nation.

The video is here:

Recover Our Country

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Inevitable Inevitability: Romney Is The Nominee

All My Ex’s Live in Texas could be Romney’s song of the day as his victory in the Texas primary puts him over the needed delegate count of 1144.

His ex’s he left in the Texan dust are Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul. These guys weren’t even close; Santorum came in second with 265 to Romney’s 1191 delegates.

Romney’s ex’s combined delegates are 540 which is less than half of his total haul.  Makes one wonder (that would be this one blogger) what kind of influence they may have over the platform and other issues like prime-time speaking roles at the convention.

And about that convention, well, it will now be conventional as in a scripted and controlled formality of a nominating convention. Those who bet on a brokered back room wheeler dealer of a show can toss those tickets in the trash recycle bin.

The Paulist? Yeah, what about the Paulist? In chats and emails these hardcore Ron Paul supporters believe there are actual hidden and secret delegates that actually are his.

Gingrich and his I Love The ’90s nostalgia tour is no more. I hope the GOP has one of those invisible fence type collars on him in hopes of reining him in when his mouth and brain moves from rhetoric against Obama into rhetoric against vulture capitalism like he did during the primary campaign against Romney.

Santorum has the most to gain politically in the future by shoring up one of Romney’s apparently weaker stances—Social Issues. Santorum can help Romney here by supporting him and thus giving his conservative social seal of approval to Romney. He also can be the rod that takes the heat lightning strikes that come from the mainstream media away from Romney as it pertains to socially conservative stands.

Santorum could help Romney in swing states like Ohio where the primary was close and Santorum flourished in regions and areas home to the more socially conservative members of the base. Romney cannot afford to have these voters sit this one out because of their doubts about him. Santorum alleviating these doubts or at least tempering them can be the difference between Ohio going Romney Red versus Obama Blue.

And an Obama Blue Ohio will mean the blues for the rest of this republic.

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Occupy Supermax!

Dateline Brecksville (posts always sound more important with that).

Mr. Gray-Glo is working nights and sleeping days and waking dazed lately. Think vampire without the youth appeal or sex appeal as well.

Yesterday, I set my alarm to wake me at 2:30 so I could get ready for my ‘date’ with The Kid; I was her Plus One for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ‘Roadie’ recognition dinner at The Hall.  Being The Kid’s Plus One are the only dates Mr. G gets these days. More about this event later.

I awoke to Breaking News about a thwarted terrorist plot here in Brecksville and the sound of helicopters buzzing the house. News birds trying to get video for live feeds and B rolls. 19 Action News is Everywhere you may have seen.

Five terrorist who are fringe members associates drifters of the fringe Occupy Cleveland which would be fringe squared. These five wanted to make some big anti-government statement on behalf of the 99% by blowing up a bridge over the Cuyahoga River and Cuyahoga Valley National Park and murdering the other 99 percenters who may be driving on it or walking underneath it in the park.

Fortunately for the rest of us 99 percenters, the FBI found out about the plot and was able to set up a sting operation that led to their arrest and prevention of a real deadly bomb blast instead of the faux non-blast. They purchased ‘explosives’ from the FBI undercover agents, then set them at the base of the bridge, and attempted to ‘detonate’ them by sending a text code.

Imagine those numbskulls standing around with their fingers plugging their ears; their eyes squinted in anticipation of the blast as their compatriot futilely enters the codes. Nothing happens. They try again, and again. Because they were attempting to murder people this was definitely dark comedy. So, the occupier…I am serious…calls the undercover FBI agent to make sure he had the correct code!


Yes, Mr. Gray-Glo is in the 99%; 99% of us are in the 99%. But I am not in their 99%. I am in the 99% who work and pay taxes to fund the occupy 99% who do not. In other words, they are the Democrat base.

The occupy percent seem more aligned with Islamist than not. If they don’t get their way, they resort to terrorism by rioting, deploying biological weapons by shitting on police cars and in bank lobbies, mailing envelopes filled with powder, and blowing up bridges with civilians on it. One of the suspects was even willing to wear a homicide bomber jacket to advance Occupy Jihad.

Now, these terrorist occupiers are no longer occupying Cleveland’s Public Square. They are under arrest and soon will occupy a Supermax prison where 99% of their ilk is summarily occupied.

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The Robaman Empire Marches On!
Political Cartoons by Chip Bok
Nothing like a bit o’ Python for clarity!

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Jackie Robinson Day Celebrates Liberty

April 15, 1947 may be the beginning.

It was seven years before Brown v Board of Education overturned government sanctioned segregation.

It was eight years before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat and the Montgomery Bus Boycott put a local reverend into the national civil rights spotlight.

And it was 10 years until nine students desegregated Central High School in Little Rock.

Yes, today is the 65th anniversary of when Jackie Robinson took his position on the field as the first black man to play Major League Baseball since 1880.

The color barrier was broken.

But the sad thing about this celebration is that it seems to be only celebrated by baseball itself.

The reason for this in this blogger’s mind is because the Brooklyn Dodgers did it on their own. There were no groups protesting, no government agencies defining acceptable numbers that equal diversity, no lawsuits demanding a court ordered solution. No shakedowns.

It was because one courageous white man, Branch Rickey, convinced his team of the importance of giving black ballplayers a chance. So, years before this date, he began searching for the right black man with the baseball skills and temperament to handle the naked hatred of racism; he found his man in Robinson.

Baseball is a team sport and breaking color barriers is a team effort. Rickey and Robinson were that courageous team.

They changed baseball first. Larry Doby followed later that year as the first black player in the American League when he debuted with the Cleveland Indians in July.

They changed the fortunes of the Dodgers next. The Dodgers had not been in a World Series since 1941. But the very year they added Robinson they went to the Series. Off and on throughout the 1950′s the Dodgers went.

The Indians won the World Series in 1948 the following year after adding Doby.

In fact teams who broke the color barrier had greater success than those who refused.

This is not surprising to those of us who believe in removing the barriers holding back individuals. It is sad that our nation founded in liberty took so long to remove them.

And most importantly it changed society. Not completely because it is on the surface just a game. But black ballplayers were voted into All Star Games starting in 1949. Fans voted for their favorites, for the best players regardless of skin color or ethnicity.

Think about it. Think about how accepting, cheering, rooting for your team and your player who is black and how profoundly it can change some minds and hearts. And how much bolder it made those white people who did not have racial prejudice become. Remember it takes those from the inside to work on removing racial barricades as much as it takes those trying to break through to create real individual liberty.

That is what is so important about today.

One man, Branch Rickey, opened a previously barred entry-way and said welcome in to do your best.

Another man, Jackie Robinson, walked in and made himself belong as he should.

And one nation is all the better for it.

Remember Rickey and Robinson.

Play ball!

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Rocketile Dysfunction: North Korea Can’t Keep Its Dong 2 Up

Anticipation was building.

This was to be Kim Jong Eun’s moment. He dreamt and fantasized what it would finally feel like when this day—on the centennial anniversary of the founder’s birth, no less—finally came.

The mood was set.

Maybe the build-up in his mind was too much because when he finally launched his rocket, it prematurely exploded after only 90 seconds. And fell into the sea.

Was that it?

It was over before he realized it started.

Maybe it wasn’t good for him but for the rest of the world it was a great release.

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2012 Presidential Race: Santorum Suspends Campaign

Traveling back from Kentucky this afternoon there was on the radio a Fox News Alert: Rick Santorum confirms to Fox News he’s suspending his campaign. Press conference to follow from what was to have been a rally, but is now a conference announcing his suspension.

Santorum went from being in single digits and at the end of the stage during the numerous early–and I mean early pre- caucus, pre-primary–debates to being the last serious challenger to Mitt Romney. And now he is out.

Santorum rose in the polls as a candidate but he did not grow as a candidate. Yes, he won caucuses and some primaries. He won more counties than his opponent Romney. But Santorum could not master the media. They played him more than he could play them.

This lack of control of his message hurt him.

Santorum’s strength was also proven to be his major weakness: he became solely identified by social issues. The media ever mindful of their disdain of conservatives, especially religious ones of true faith and more over those who actually believe what they espoused, did what they could to keep him on display as some carnival side show freak: Come See The Social Conservative!

And Santorum never failed to disappoint by aiding and abetting them when it came to social issues. This showed a lack of discipline at best or a lack of political intelligence at worse.

I am not advocating Santorum and other like-minded conservatives hide or become deceitful about their stands on abortion, homosexual marriage, birth control, religion in the public square, or any other cause. Conservatives never should hide or lie about their message and positions; leave that to the Liberals and Democrats.

But Santorum forgot that when it came to these issues (cliché warning) he had the base at “hello”. Nothing more needed said or added.

This is where his lack of discipline or political acumen was most apparent.

Abortion: not only does Santorum hold and espouse a solid ‘pro-life’ message–he lives it. Twice his family has been burdened by tragedy that if he was a Kennedy or other Liberal Lion would have been made into an empathetic network or cable movie.

His daughter Isabella known by her loving nickname Bella was born with a chromosome disorder called Trisomy 18. It is terminal and usually fatal within hours, days, or months. Bella is 3 years old.

Now some abortion rightist advocate killing of newborns who have not achieved their definition of personhood; Bella Santorum would qualify as one such non-person to them. To the Santorums she is daughter and a person complete.

This is a profound pro-life message and does not need further amplification. The conservative base which includes many of the social variety understands where he stands on this important issue.

All the Senator needed to say is that he chooses life, lives for life, and knows that Roe does not nor does President Obama and his party.

Homosexual marriage: this issue has tripped him up many times before. He did not call homosexuals practitioners of bestiality; he made an awkward ‘slippery slope’ or ‘draw the line’ argument about what other forms of ‘marriage’ courts may decide once homosexual unions are established.

His only answer about homosexual unions should be that he and President Obama share similar views opposing it. And the only difference is that unlike the Obama justice department, he will enforce the Defense of Marriage Act as signed into law by President Clinton.

Birth Control: The Media needed to spin the Obama Administration’s mandating Catholic and other religious groups provide birth control, sterilization, and abortion inducing drugs into the Republicans want to ban contraception. Santorum provided them with ample sound-bites to help make their case.

A more seasoned candidate would have seen the traps being laid for him and would have had better answers. Santorum proved he was not that candidate.

Maybe the next time.

I hope it isn’t 2016 because that would mean one more term of this regime and it could prove to be a terminal term for our republic.

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