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2010 Elections: Tea Party Support Grows
Poll: Tea Party support grows; USA divided By Susan Page, USA TODAY 
WASHINGTON — Just about as many Americans want Tea Party-backed members of Congress to take the lead in setting policy during the next year as choose President Obama, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds.

In a survey taken Friday through Sunday, 28% say Obama should have the most influence on government policy next year while 27% say the Tea Party standard-bearers should. GOP congressional leaders are chosen by 23%, Democratic congressional leaders by 16%.The results reflect the strength of the Tea Party movement as the GOP prepares to take control of the House of Representatives in January.

The “Tea Party” style of conservatism beats out the establishment Republican version by 4 points when it comes to setting the governing agenda of the next congress.  

But governing is the operative word here.  If we rabble cannot do more than rouse, our cause of limiting the Federal government will fail. 
Now the question is this: who will co-opt whom more?  Will the Tea Party types, and by that I mean a Republican who knows he won because of direct involvement of these various grassroots groups or the mainstream GOP who won with a R in their title.
The Tea Party grassroots (I am using “tea party” as an umbrella covering all conservative grassroots organizations that rallied against Obama-care, Obama-bail outs, Obama Cap, Tax, and Trade-away…) set the agenda for most of 2009 and all of 2010.   Either you marched with them or you responded to them, but make no mistake, the Tea Party defined and articulated the argument for the past 20 months.   If Time Magazine (Google or Bing it if you don’t know what a newsweekly used to be) had…TEA BAGS…a Tea Kettle would be Time’s Man of the Year.
Electoral victory was not the end game.   We are only on the beginning squares of this political game of Chutes and Ladders.   Next January’s swearing in starts the next round.
We supplied back-bone to the loyal opposition Republicans in both chambers.   The Republican men and women of the 111th did us proud.
Now, in the 112th we must work harder, smarter and with determined purpose to continue righting our government and country.  Pun fully intended.
Being the loyal opposition was easy.   Now the real work begins as we are now the loyal leaders. 
Remember who guided you here.   It wasn’t really the Tea Party people per se, but the ones who wrote, “We the people…”

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The Twister of 2010, A Peggy Noonan Inspired Rant
The Twister of 2010 by Peggy Noonan (bold italics mine):

Good practical advice on all this comes from Indiana’s Gov. Mitch Daniels, who met this week in New York with conservative activists, journalists and historians. Our country is in real peril, he said, we have a short time to do big things to get it right. Republicans “need to campaign to govern, not merely to win.” If Democrats are “the worst, the most malevolent” in their campaigning, “don’t match ‘em, let ‘em.” Be better. Be serious about the issues at a serious time.

What appears to be coming is a Republican rout. The main reason is the growing connection between public desire on various issues and Republican stands on those issues. But another is what is happening among Democrats—the rise of a spirit of destruction, and the increasing fact of fractured unity.

That was one major problem with the Republicans after President Bush’s 2004 reelection: they didn’t govern.  Whether it was the lack of leadership in Iraq or the lack of fiscal responsibility with the people’s money, the Republicans had government but did not govern.
Because of that and some scandals, voters said enough and lets see if the Democrats learned their lessons and give them another chance.
Well, they did and blew it big time.
From President Obama to Senator Reid and to Madame Speaker Pelosi, we got a lot more government but not better governing. 
Maybe Bush lost focus in Iraq and held onto Secretary Rumsfeld past his expiration date, but he woke up in time and stopped wasting time and refocused with the so-called surge.
Obama dithered when it came to Afghanistan and then followed through with smaller measures and confusing rules of engagement.
We got bailouts, buy ups, take overs, and after the billions GM (now 60% government owned) still went bankrupt.
We got a Health Care Reform Bill that isn’t reform anyone likes (for the left no single payer and for the right no free market reforms) and whose bill still hasn’t come due.
Now companies who dare speak the truth about how Obama-Pelosi-Reid care is affecting them face government scrutiny.
More government, no governing.
The Bush/Paulson team went mad with their TARP.  Obama and Geithner took it to another whole level of insanity.
He and the Democrats (most Republicans already bailed out of the bailouts) mismanaged the Recession that was ending; ended in June of ’09 and now are risking the feeble recovery. Obama won the recession and lost the recovery.  Maybe because they are for the right to choose to abort an unborn baby they can claim to be exercising their right to choose to abort an unborn recovery.
More government, no governing.
This is the Republican’s election to win or lose.  Only they can close the deal with the voters that they got the message:  Less government and better governing.
And the first step was voting out those Republicans identified as Washington as usual, Republicans known for more government and no governing.
Bob Bennett: gone.
Lisa Murkowski: gone.
Mike Castle: gone.
And new candidates with names known in business like Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina but not politics.
Names who once worked in politics but thought they left years ago: John Kasich and Rob Portman.
Names unknown completely: Joe Miller, Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, Christine O’Donnell…
Obama and the Dems say don’t give congress back to the people who drove us into the ditch.  Well, the Republicans aren’t.  They voted out those they blamed, too.
It all comes down to this:
Less Government, Better Governing.
It begins in the voter’s booth.

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Dukakis To The Mid-Term Rescue! I’ll Rest Easier Now.

Dukakis shared his strategy for midterm elections at the White House
Call it Bush-Blame-Lite but failed presidential candidate Michael Dukakis tells the current failing president that Republicans “want to go back and do exactly what got us in this mess in the first place.”
“It seems to me there has to be a single message coming from Democrats, from the president on down,” Dukakis said. “We’ve got to pound that message as hard as can from now until November.”
Urging Democrats to focus the message through grassroots efforts in key precincts, Dukakis concluded: “If we do that and deliver this message over and over again, we are going to be OK.”
But the recession is a problem for the Democrats in a way they did not expect.  The media nomenclature Great Recession is over.  It ended in June 2009.   Obama was president not even six months when the Great Recession ended.  Boy does this guy do things quickly.  He was president only 11 days when he earned the Nobel Peace Prize.  Now, while looking dumbfounded at Joe Biden, he asks about the recession that was great but now is over: How’d that happen? 
So, Obama won the recession last year but now he is losing the recovery.  
Yes, Obama and the Democrats don’t have Bush’s Great Recession to kick around anymore.  But Republicans do have Obama’s Not So Great Recovery to kick back. 
And without any apologies to Mike Dukakis:
Obama Won The Great Recession, Lost The Recovery.
We don’t need to spread the word because we know it.  And to the mid-terminal Dems, they know it.   And worse case scenario is the voters know it too.

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Tea Party and 2012: Too Early To Judge Affects
Another interesting read (for us dateless ones on a Saturday night):
It seems too early to write that a fundamental change is taking place in the GOP Presidential primary(bold italics mine):
What’s clear is that the things that presidential candidates traditionally care about — fundraising, endorsements from party regulars, professionally staffed organizations and perceived electability — will matter less in the early stages of the 2012 contest. What will matter more is whether a candidate is pure on issues such as bailouts, earmarks and taxes and can fire up the enthusiasm of activists in the way that O’Donnell managed to do.
If tea party activist can make one change to my party, I hope it is this one:
As veteran Republicans like Sen. Bob Bennett in Utah and Rep. Mike Castle (the front-runner knocked off by O’Donnell) go down in flames, it may also signal an end to the venerable GOP tradition of presidential primogeniture.Grass-roots conservatives right now want a candidate who will take on the status quo, not one who has waited his turn to carry the party’s banner in the fashion of Bob Dole or George H.W. Bush. This time out, Romney has figured to be the beneficiary of the it’s-his-turn instinct.
Lets have a rumble in primaries.  A brokered convention would be thrilling (in that C-SPAN way PBS pledge drives are).
Money will still be important in 2012, Huckabee said, but he added: “The wonderful thing out of the tea party movement is it causes money to matter less.”
Yes, money will matter less!  It will matter as much if not more.  But (my turn for bad prediction) money will not alter the mind set of those true faithful.   Only money spent in concert with the issues of the grassroots and tea party will matter.
For now, it’s clear that the tea party is going to command the sort of influence in the primary process where candidates will have to address their issues and court some of their leaders, such as Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint, with the same sort of dedication that they havein the past with other influential elements of the conservative coalition.
But only if Palin and DeMint’s candidates win and deliver.  
Winning the tea party primary could, in short, be tantamount to winning the real primary.
But there is no such thing as a tea party primary.  And pardon another bad prediction here, but do not rule out the establishment altering the primary contest to secure the establishment’s candidate winning.  Remember, in ’08 the Dems changed, front loaded, their primary so Hillary would win it early.   I expect to see the GOP try the same to protect their establishment interests.
(after re-reading the above a I realized an oxymoron within it.  Hillary did lose even with the changes made to secure her victory.  GOP are you listening?)
About the consensus that O’Donnell is unelectable:

It [TPE] endorsed O’Donnell and aired independent expenditures on her behalf without regard to polls suggesting her general election prospects were bleak, said Sal Russo, the Sacramento operative whose consulting firm runs the Tea Party Express.

You don’t always have to win elections to change the body politic,” he said, when asked if he would consider the tea party a success if both O’Donnell and Angle lost their general election campaigns and left Republicans short of the seats needed to take back the Senate. “George McGovern and Eugene McCarthy had a profound effect on American politics, and they both lost. Goldwater lost, but he gave birth to Reagan,” he explained, adding, “When people ask me what’s the measure of success at the end of the day, my answer is, ‘We’ve already achieved it.’ We’ve made fiscal responsibility an important part of everyone’s plank.”

Winning does make it easier and I do recommend it. 
This goes to one argument Mike makes about Libertarians and issue orientated ‘third parties’.  They lose but move their issues into the mainstream.

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Long Suffering Cleveland Sports Fan Reads The Polls

First off, let me get this out of the way:  I am a Cleveland sports fan.  Follow the Browns, the Indians, and even though basketball is not a sport I follow, support the Cavs.
In my collection is a photo of Omar Vizquel pouring champagne on Jose Mesa’s head.
I have a video clip of Earnest Byner fumbling the Lombardi Trophy while Bernie Kosar laughs.
Then there is that moment on ESPN when Dwayne Wade tells the world he is taking his talents to play on the North Coast with LeBron James.
You never heard or seen these things?
You’re right.  They don’t exist except in a tortured fans imagination.
My point is that these were all seemingly unstoppable teams who didn’t win it all.  Another team got the trophy, the champagne, the parade, and the trip to see an over-sized mouse.
We got to go back to…waiting…for…next…year…AGAIN!  

Which brings me to Judgment Day, November 2, 2010: It seems as if all the elephant needs to be wary of is injuring his feet while trampling over the donkeys just lying there.
I don’t want to wake up Wednesday like I did the Monday after game 7 of the ALCS in 2007.
Just ask former President Dewey.  

Ask President Dewey About Polls!



Nothing is guaranteed.  But, you say the pollsThe polls!  And how incompetently tone deaf the incumbent Democrats are in congress.  As is their leader, President Obama, too.
Yes, all that is true.
But look at my collection of trophies for World Series, Super Bowls, NBA…the case is practically bare.  

GOP insiders skeptical of landslide predictions.   

And so should you, too.
It isn’t that the polls are wrong or worse yet deceptive on purpose.   That could be.  But, the problem may be with the fans…I mean the voters…I mean us!   We may decide to become complacent.
In 1997 they escorted former Indians owner Dick Jacobs from his seat in the ninth inning of game 7 of the World Series to the locker room.  The lockers were covered in plastic in preparation of the champagne showers of celebration.  
Mr. Jacobs missed what we here in Cleveland witnessed and christened as The Choke.
Needless to say the lockers and contents were safe from any spray.
Jacobs’ suit did not need to go to the dry cleaners the next day.
And next year has yet to come again…  

The Governor’s race here shows John Kasich with a commanding 12 point lead over the incumbent Ted Strickland.
The same poll shows Rob Portman ahead of Lt. Governor Lee Fisher by 13 points.  

With voter enthusiasm running nearly three times higher among Republicans than Democrats, GOP gubernatorial candidate John Kasich leads by 12 points over Gov. Ted Strickland while GOP Senate hopeful Rob Portman tops Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher by 13 points.  

The key words are voter enthusiasm.  As we have learned from life it is hard to maintain high levels of enthusiasm for any long period of time.   

But the environment favors us.  Rasmussen reports:  85% in Ohio Know Someone Out of Work; 54% Say Job Market is Worse than One Year Ago.  

Eighty-five percent (85%) of Likely Voters in Ohio say they know someone who is out of work and looking for a job. A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the state finds that just 11% say they do not know someone unemployed and job-hunting.
These findings are roughly in line with findings nationwide.  

It isn’t like that will improve very much by the time early voting starts or Election Day arrives. 
But the problem of motivation continues. 
There is no doubt that among hard core Republicans the motivation is off the charts.   And for some Democrats the despondency is palpable and thick.
But what about the vast majority of citizens that vote?  Are they as motivated to throw out the bums and bring in a new team?
That is the great unknown.
Rasmussen again provides some clarity: 69% in Ohio Are Angry At Current Policies of Government:  

Most Republicans and voters not affiliated with either party are angry at the current policies of the government, while Democrats are more evenly divided.  Likewise, 64% of GOP voters and 77% of unaffiliateds believe neither party’s political leaders have a clue of what’s needed today, a view shared by 45% of Democrats. (bold italics mine)  

What this tells me is that if you are considered part of the Washington cocktail party set, you should get your lobbying resume in order.  If only.  But I am a dreamer.  

But conservative and Republican success is not guaranteed.   

Take it from a long suffering Cleveland sports fan.

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Betty Sutton’s “Green” Jobs Kills Real Jobs For Americans
Congresswoman Betty Sutton D-OH-13 is on the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee.
In 2007 she co-sponsored Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 which became public law 110-140 in December of that year.
This is the law that essentially outlawed incandescent light bulbs in favor of the new CFL bulbs that contain mercury.
Not only did this bill destroy consumer’s free market choice in purchasing it also caused destruction of jobs here in Ohio and elsewhere in America.
WINCHESTER, VA. – The last major GE factory making ordinary incandescent light bulbs in the United States is closing this month, marking a small, sad exit for a product and company that can trace their roots to Thomas Alva Edison’s innovations in the 1870s.

The remaining 200 workers at the plant here will lose their jobs.

That’s correct.  Because of congress with Congresswoman Sutton’s support, 200 Americans will lose their jobs this year.

The new CFL lamps are made in China and other countries.

GE looks to close Niles glass factory and end production of incandescent bulbs

CLEVELAND — After 103 years mass-producing incandescent light bulbs, General Electric Co. intends to close its domestic plants, including the Mahoning Glass plant in Niles, halting production of GE founder Thomas Edison’s most visible invention.

TCP Inc., one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of CFLs, with headquarters in Aurora, makes all of its fluorescent lamps in China. Lighting trade organizations say that at least 75 percent of the world’s commercial energy-efficient lighting comes from Asian sources. Most of GE’s CFLs ship from Asian factories, too.

‘Green’ jobs no longer golden in stimulus

Noticeably absent from President Obama‘s latest economic-stimulus package are any further attempts to create jobs through “green” energy projects, reflecting a year in which the administration’s original, loudly trumpeted efforts proved largely unfruitful.

The long delays typical with environmentally friendly projects – combined with reports of green stimulus funds being used to create jobs in China and other countries, rather than in the U.S. – appear to have killed the administration’s appetite for pushing green projects as an economic cure.

This blogger has noted previously about how so-called green jobs are only creating jobs in Red China: Outrage: Obama Stimulates Green Jobs in Red China

It is one thing for market conditions and global economics to cause production and manufacturing to move where the costs are better for profits.  That is part of economic reality we all learn to deal with and compete with.  It is another thing for a representative like Sutton to actively vote for job losses here and gains over there.

We have seen first hand the failures of Sutton with her My Cash for Your Clunker program: Repo Man’s Comin’ And Betty You’re Next

This November 2 remember two things:

Betty Sutton votes to end jobs.

Tom Ganley has always created jobs.

The choice is obvious.

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Rand Paul, Tyranny, Jim Crow and Freedom’s Limits
The following post came about from one of my ongoing email debates with Mike Kole, Steve Wainstead, and Tom Menner.
The New York Times editorialized about Dr. Rand Paul and his philosophy: Limits of Libertarianism
in which they flatly state that the free market was no match for Jim Crow and segregation.
From the editorial:
It was only government power that ended slavery and abolished Jim Crow, neither of which would have been eliminated by a purely free market. It was government that rescued the economy from the Depression and promoted safety and equality in the workplace.

The New York Times has it wrong.  We are more than 50 years removed from that period in history when governments made laws violating constitutional rights of its citizens by segregating them by race and pigmentation.  We have forgotten a lot about it or know nothing about its creation.  It becomes easy to fear anything in liberty that may cause people to think someone (Dr. Paul the latest straw-man) wants America to become AmeriKKKa.

Government created and enforced slavery.  The proponents of slavery used terms like “wage slave” to argue against freedom.   They claimed free people working in free enterprise and markets were as much slaves as their people in chattel were.  They feared the rise of free men and women selling their services.

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court struck down many aspects of McCain-Feingold campaign restrictions.  Most notably the ban against corporations funding campaigns and candidates was ended.

The left are apoplectic about this ruling. 

I just thought it was because they are for suppressing dissent.

Then I read: Justice Defends Ruling on Finance where Justice Clarence Thomas explained the origin of the ban on corporate donations to fund candidates:

He added that the history of Congressional regulation of corporate involvement in politics had a dark side, pointing to the Tillman Act, which banned corporate contributions to federal candidates in 1907.

“Go back and read why Tillman introduced that legislation,” Justice Thomas said, referring to Senator Benjamin Tillman. “Tillman was from South Carolina, and as I hear the story he was concerned that the corporations, Republican corporations, were favorable toward blacks and he felt that there was a need to regulate them.”

In other words, the free market wanted blacks included.  Fearing this, Tillman used his power and the power of government to stop.   Tillman is one of the founders of segregation. 

This led me to Maggie’s Notebook: The Tillman Act and Clarence Thomas: The Tillman Act The Rest of Story?  

The Center for Competitive Politics has republished their own article from December 1, 2006 by Brad Smith.

Smith points outs that Senator Benjamin Ryan “Pitchfork Ben” Tillman “was one of the most despicable men ever to serve in the Senate, and “did more to put in place the Jim Crow system in the South than any other single person.

The complete post is here: Justice Thomas Comments on Ben Tillman, the Forgotten Founding Father of Campaign Finance Reform

And here is more about this sainted reformer of corporations just trying to thwart government:  Ben Tillman: Forgotten Founding Father of “Reform” and this Ben Tillman and the Reconstruction of White Supremacy

Jim Crow and campaign reform were government responses halting free-market reforms that could and would have created the environment where free men and women would have decided racial questions on their own.  Maybe by sharing a table at a coffee shop.  Not if Tillman’s form of tyranny has anything to do with it.

Dr. Paul needs to unstuff the straw that he let MSNBC, NPR and NYT stuff him with.

CQPolitics: Fisher & Portman, Dead Heat
One day after Ohio Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher won Tuesday’s Democratic Senate primary, a Rasmussen Reports survey found him in a dead heat with Republican nominee Rob Portman.

Of the 500 likely voters surveyed, Fisher was favored by 43 percent and Portman by 42 percent. Four percent chose some other candidate and 11 percent weren’t sure who they would support.

There is an old saying in Ohio that you must first lose state-wide before you win state-wide.  Don’t know who coined it but if it is true, Portman has his work cut out.

Because Portman didn’t have a primary challenger (remember Tom Ganley bailed out after he couldn’t get polling above “other”) he lost a lot of media attention.   Fisher vs. Brunner kept Fisher in the public eye.  

Portman needs to kick it up a notch especially here because soon the first ever Cuyahoga county executive and council primaries will take up most the media oxygen leaving little room.

I have heard complaints that if you liked Senator Voinovich you will like Senator Portman.  It is doubtful that Portman will be the bedrock conservative we all hope for and Ohio and the nation requires.  His major weakness in this regard is on illegal aliens.  He has a suspect track record that he cannot ignore (nor should we). 

But remember for all the ‘weak-sister’ complaints I have about Senator Voinovich he deserves props for standing tall and strong with all the other Republican Senators in opposition to Obama-care. 

Ohio and American cannot afford a Senator Fisher teamed with Connie Schultz’s political side kick.

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Reading a Dried-up Tea Bag: Primary Results Show Sutton Not Safe

A little bit of distance helps put this election in perspective.   In some places there are sighs of relief because the Tea Party seems to have failed.
Both mainstream Democrats and Republicans feel they have dodged one.
And yes they may have.  
By all measures the Tea Party folks did not have the pull that was feared by professional pols.  Allow me my myopia as I view this through the lens of Ohio’s recent primary in Congressional district 13.
I worked on Jason Meade’s campaign for Congress in the 13th district.  He billed himself as a “Tea Party” Republican and earned the endorsement of the Akron Tea Party.  Meade achieved 5.28% of the vote with 1,740.   Tom Ganley won the six man race with 74.29% or 24,473 votes.   Keep in mind there wasn’t a Republican incumbent.  All the candidates were political newbies with only Jim Hrubik having previous experience as a candidate in 2000.
Did the Tea Party fail here?  I cannot say.  The Tea Party is not an opponent of or a competition to political parties like the Republican.  They give voice to a sometimes organized opposition to President Obama’s statist mission in particular and socialism in general.
Ganley is the endorsed candidate of both the Ohio Republican Party and the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County.   He gave up his failed bid for U.S. Senate.  Ganley was present at Tea Party events before he was endorsed by the official GOP and enjoyed all the benefits the party’s apparatus brought like daily mailings touting him.
One Republican mayor told me Ganley has the best chance of beating Betty Sutton.  And this is the goal; to oust Sutton the miserable house frau of Pelosi and Obama.
Maybe this was the political calculation many Republican voters made. 
Ganley has money and his name is on cars and car commercials all over this part of the state.
The other five candidates obviously did not have the means to get their message out.   If I were to rate the candidates by their message and delivery it would go like this:

1. Jason Meade
2. Todd Sharkey
3. Bill Haney
4. Tom Ganley
5. Jim Hrubik
6. James Brihan

Money and party backing wins.  That is hardly a Fox News Alert. 
Republican primary results in Ohio 13 cannot be chalked up to a failure by the Tea Party because a conservative political outsider won even though he also had party support.
The more interesting race was in the Democrat primary in 13.  Justin Wooden is a conservative Democrat and Tea Party participant who ran against the incumbent representative Sutton.
Wooden scored a 92.4% from Akron Tea Party based on his answers to their questions during candidate vetting.
Sutton won her primary with 79.39% or 37,113.  But Wooden pulled 20.61% or 9,635 votes.  Wooden is conservative.  He would have garnered the Ohio Right to Life endorsement or equivalent but didn’t because he supports exceptions for rape and incest. 
This tells me that a good 20% of Democrats are a lot more conservative than Sutton and do not support her.  
There is no way those who support Sutton can ever vote for a conservative like Wooden or Ganley so her votes will not defect across the aisle.  But how many of those who voted for the conservative Wooden will still not vote for Sutton and may throw their support to the Republican Ganley?  That question could decide her fate.
If you add all the Republican votes to Wooden’s in Ohio 13 you get 42,576.   Sutton had 37,113.  That’s a difference of 5,463 in the GOP’s favor.
Team Ganley would be wise to reach out and shore up Wooden’s support.
This does not factor in the wild card independents.  They cannot vote in partisan primaries if they do not declare an affiliation; they get to vote on issues only.
I haven’t been able to find a count of issue-only ballots versus partisan ballots.  Inside those numbers is fertile battle ground for voters on both sides.  Then sift through the Libertarian and Constitution voters who do not have a candidate in Ohio 13 and you may find few more votes.
The numbers show that Sutton is not safe.
Ganley must become a better campaigner and candidate if he wants to win.
But who am I to give advice?
Ganley won, Meade lost.


2010 Primary results. 

 Ohio unofficial primary election returns reveal how many voters chose minor party primary ballots

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Mr. Grayglo’s New Gig: Press Secretary

I haven’t been keeping up with my blog since my NCAA bracket was destroyed last weekend.
It had nothing to with my usual poor bracket performance.
Jason Meade who is running for Ohio’s Congressional District 13 in the Republican primary asked me to be his press secretary.  Apparently, reading my posts did nothing to discourage him.  Because he was the only candidate to ask and his offer of nothing was the highest one I received for my writing services, I said “why not”.
Nothing like being deep in the trenches of a political campaign with the inexperienced (me) and the amateurs (me, again). 
Did I mention I don’t know anything about this?   Really, I didn’t think I needed to.

Tom Ganley is the front runner in the race to the Republican nomination.   We have no illusions about that.  He is the endorsed candidate of the Cuyahoga County Republican party and has the support of the Ohio GOP since he dropped his Senate bid clearing the way for Rob Portman.  

Since then, I have put out two press releases for Meade’s campaign. 
One embarrassingly had a typo that constantly pokes me in the eye each time I re-re-re-(obsessively) re-read it.   Spell-check always highlights President Barack Obama’s name.  Because it does, I mindlessly click ignore each time.
The release went out with “Barack” as “Barak”.   Off course, I didn’t see it until it was too late (sorry).

Maybe I should not write them after midnight.

Nothing like wearing your inexperience and amateurishness out where all can see.

I will keep posting about this great political adventure. 
The primary is May 4th.

The press releases:

 Meade Questions Secretary Brunner

AG Richard Cordray Blocks Ohioans’ Rights But Not Mandate

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