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Now It Is A Campaign: Romney Picks Ryan for VP

Wow. This blogger is surprised.

I thought Rob Portman, U.S. Senator from OH-IO was the frontrunner in the so-called veep sweepstakes. Of course some homerism was in play along with Senator Portman’s solid credentials. But we would have lost him in the senate even though Governor Kasich would have picked a solid replacement.

On the competency scale, Rep. Paul Ryan is another solid addition to Mitt Romney’s sheer business acumen and over-all competence.

Just on competence alone does Romney-Ryan beat Obama-Biden. Can you seriously look at that other side and think “they really know what they are doing”?

When it comes to competency, Romney-Ryan is the USA Basketball team and Obama-Biden are the Nigerian basketball team at the London Olympics.

Of course, the actual election will be a lot closer than that final score.

How about a little taste of what Ryan brings to Team Romney:

Watch Obama’s face as he knows he is being taken to task by Ryan and is losing on the merits.

If this is what Ryan will bring to this campaign the polls will tighten.


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Gray-Glo Back From Exile

The Ghetto Libertarian emailed me yesterday asking where Gray-Glo went; he couldn’t visit the site.

I tried and could not open my site, too.

Microsoft IE8, Mozilla Firefox, nor Google’s Chrome could not open it.  Neither could I open it with my Galaxy Tab tablet or Galaxy S phone. Mr. Gray-Glo was missing in action.

The loss of Gray-Glo (a blessing to others–The Voice) coincided with President Obama’s Misery Re-election Bus Tour through North East Ohio. Mere coincidence?

I opened a case with my web hosting provider on their support site and waited…

Today, I called their support line and Ryan found the issue and quickly resolved it and Gray-Glo is back from the nothingness side of the web. Ryan also upgraded my WordPress to its latest version.

Take that, Obama!

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