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I Doubt The NRCC Reads This Blog But Go Figure…

From the NRCC Facebook page:

Maybe someone read yesterday’s post.

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Doing Some Spring Cleaning…Roadie Potato Dinner at Rock and Roll HoF

Seems I left a few posts hanging back there and this is as good a time as any to clean out the cranial attic.

Roadie Potato Dinner at Rock and Roll HoF

The day the news broke that a few Occupy Cleveland anarchist with unoccupied brains were caught attempting to blow up the bridge spanning The Cuyahoga Valley National Park, The Kid invited me as her plus one to the Roadie Recognition Event at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Roadies are what they call their volunteers.

The Kid is working on her Masters in Library Science and volunteers at the new Rock and Roll HoF Museum Library and Archives.

Our evening began with some weirdness.

I arrived at her place to find The Kid outside trying to corral a ferret near her front steps.

Yes, a ferret, a rodent was cornered in the flower bed’s leftover autumn leaves. The creature seemed tame enough and was more than likely someone’s pet who escaped.

But it’s a rodent! I explained as I summoned out my innermost Monk. She was busy posting photos of it on her facebook hoping to see if someone could identify it and advise her on what to do.

We eventually caught it and placed the creature inside a box while waiting on the police to show up.

The cop arrived just as we spotted her neighbors, mother and daughters, quickly walking toward us. It was their ferret who escaped.

Fortunately, this guy has hand sanitizer in his truck and was able to de-rodent-ize myself.

Mr. Gray-Glo did not disappoint The Kid; I wore my black Poly Styrene Oh Bondage, Up Yours! t-shirt and leather jacket.

The Rock ‘n Roll HoF is a museum about Rock and Roll! The music of sex and drugs and drunken binges!

Well, this event had all the rockin’ of any other corporate all-hands meeting I have ever attended.

Here I was at the rockin’ RnR HoF sitting at table watching executives hand out honors to the roadies doing volunteer work. Each quarter I sit through almost the exact same type of meeting at my wireless company. Maybe the hall needs to borrow Alice Cooper’s boa constrictor to hand out the awards.

The Kid introduced me to her library mates and she mentioned how the Wainstead All Night audio collection in the library has me on it.

The food was really good. It was billed as a potato dinner but they served baked potatoes with loads of toppings you can add, different salads including pro and anti pasta, Italian wedding soup served in glass coffee mugs and pastry with my favorite, cheese cake.

Of course, you cannot take Mr. Gray-Glo anywhere without him making a few faux pas. First I knocked over and spilled my Buckler n/a (props to HoF for having such a cool non-alcoholic brew) when I tangled my feet in the too long table cloth. Then, as I was filling my plate with food, I ran out of space. That meant the butter for my roll was hidden under a lettuce leaf. So, in typical Gray-Glo fashion, when I stabbed the salad with my fork I also pierced the two butter pats and put both into my mouth. Imagine my taste-bud’s surprise as they received butter infused lettuce with Italian dressing.

The roadies do great work and their volunteer hours add up and mean thousands of dollars in kind donation.

Terry Stewart the HoF President and CEO and Brian Kenyon the Executive Vice President and CFO described in detail how well the finances of the hall are managed. The HoF is in the black.

Yes, it did include a balance sheet explanation of the hall’s financial shape.

It was a just like being in those Xerox commercials.

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