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Now It Is A Campaign: Romney Picks Ryan for VP

Wow. This blogger is surprised.

I thought Rob Portman, U.S. Senator from OH-IO was the frontrunner in the so-called veep sweepstakes. Of course some homerism was in play along with Senator Portman’s solid credentials. But we would have lost him in the senate even though Governor Kasich would have picked a solid replacement.

On the competency scale, Rep. Paul Ryan is another solid addition to Mitt Romney’s sheer business acumen and over-all competence.

Just on competence alone does Romney-Ryan beat Obama-Biden. Can you seriously look at that other side and think “they really know what they are doing”?

When it comes to competency, Romney-Ryan is the USA Basketball team and Obama-Biden are the Nigerian basketball team at the London Olympics.

Of course, the actual election will be a lot closer than that final score.

How about a little taste of what Ryan brings to Team Romney:

Watch Obama’s face as he knows he is being taken to task by Ryan and is losing on the merits.

If this is what Ryan will bring to this campaign the polls will tighten.


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Mr. Gray-Glo’s Commercial Debut

Last week your humble maker of typos was invited by Team Romney to be in a campaign commercial specially for Ohioans.

I was–no snickering–talent.

I was happy to do it but surprised by the invite as during the primary this blogger posted his endorsement of Rick Santorum.  But Team Romney are making great strides in uniting the clans–I mean bringing in the various Republican factions. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul son of libertarian leaning presidential candidate Ron is on board with Team Romney. Mr. Gray-Glo, too, is on board to recover America from the changeless hopelessness brought on by the Obama era.

Because the content of the ad was embargoed, I could not post about it. Embargoed is a great word to use for many different circumstances: I would have paid my bills but the economy was embargoed by Obama. See?

Tim O’Toole, the producer/videographer/line giver, asked me to hold off posting (as if anyone really reads you–The Voice) until the commercial is released. They wanted the content to hit Obama by surprise.

This is one huge difference this video star (there will be no living with him now–The Voice) notices between Team Romney’s campaign and the failed McCain campaign way back in ’08; Romney is Fast and Furious in getting his message out and rebutting Obama. Any time Obama’s teleprompter makes a gaffe, Team Romney is on it and has a commercial released.

And so it went with Obama’s comment that the “private sector is doing fine” coming on the anniversary of Recovery Summer.

Two years ago the president was in Ohio touting his amazing Summer of Stimulus, he just forgot the recovery part.

And that is the message of the Recover Our Country video I and other Romney Team supporters made last week.

Quite a few of the men and women in the montage are from the conservative grassroots organization Cuyahoga Valley Republicans. We were founded in July 2009 as we saw where Obama was leading our nation.

The video is here:

Recover Our Country

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Inevitable Inevitability: Romney Is The Nominee

All My Ex’s Live in Texas could be Romney’s song of the day as his victory in the Texas primary puts him over the needed delegate count of 1144.

His ex’s he left in the Texan dust are Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul. These guys weren’t even close; Santorum came in second with 265 to Romney’s 1191 delegates.

Romney’s ex’s combined delegates are 540 which is less than half of his total haul.  Makes one wonder (that would be this one blogger) what kind of influence they may have over the platform and other issues like prime-time speaking roles at the convention.

And about that convention, well, it will now be conventional as in a scripted and controlled formality of a nominating convention. Those who bet on a brokered back room wheeler dealer of a show can toss those tickets in the trash recycle bin.

The Paulist? Yeah, what about the Paulist? In chats and emails these hardcore Ron Paul supporters believe there are actual hidden and secret delegates that actually are his.

Gingrich and his I Love The ’90s nostalgia tour is no more. I hope the GOP has one of those invisible fence type collars on him in hopes of reining him in when his mouth and brain moves from rhetoric against Obama into rhetoric against vulture capitalism like he did during the primary campaign against Romney.

Santorum has the most to gain politically in the future by shoring up one of Romney’s apparently weaker stances—Social Issues. Santorum can help Romney here by supporting him and thus giving his conservative social seal of approval to Romney. He also can be the rod that takes the heat lightning strikes that come from the mainstream media away from Romney as it pertains to socially conservative stands.

Santorum could help Romney in swing states like Ohio where the primary was close and Santorum flourished in regions and areas home to the more socially conservative members of the base. Romney cannot afford to have these voters sit this one out because of their doubts about him. Santorum alleviating these doubts or at least tempering them can be the difference between Ohio going Romney Red versus Obama Blue.

And an Obama Blue Ohio will mean the blues for the rest of this republic.

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2012 Presidential Race: Santorum Suspends Campaign

Traveling back from Kentucky this afternoon there was on the radio a Fox News Alert: Rick Santorum confirms to Fox News he’s suspending his campaign. Press conference to follow from what was to have been a rally, but is now a conference announcing his suspension.

Santorum went from being in single digits and at the end of the stage during the numerous early–and I mean early pre- caucus, pre-primary–debates to being the last serious challenger to Mitt Romney. And now he is out.

Santorum rose in the polls as a candidate but he did not grow as a candidate. Yes, he won caucuses and some primaries. He won more counties than his opponent Romney. But Santorum could not master the media. They played him more than he could play them.

This lack of control of his message hurt him.

Santorum’s strength was also proven to be his major weakness: he became solely identified by social issues. The media ever mindful of their disdain of conservatives, especially religious ones of true faith and more over those who actually believe what they espoused, did what they could to keep him on display as some carnival side show freak: Come See The Social Conservative!

And Santorum never failed to disappoint by aiding and abetting them when it came to social issues. This showed a lack of discipline at best or a lack of political intelligence at worse.

I am not advocating Santorum and other like-minded conservatives hide or become deceitful about their stands on abortion, homosexual marriage, birth control, religion in the public square, or any other cause. Conservatives never should hide or lie about their message and positions; leave that to the Liberals and Democrats.

But Santorum forgot that when it came to these issues (cliché warning) he had the base at “hello”. Nothing more needed said or added.

This is where his lack of discipline or political acumen was most apparent.

Abortion: not only does Santorum hold and espouse a solid ‘pro-life’ message–he lives it. Twice his family has been burdened by tragedy that if he was a Kennedy or other Liberal Lion would have been made into an empathetic network or cable movie.

His daughter Isabella known by her loving nickname Bella was born with a chromosome disorder called Trisomy 18. It is terminal and usually fatal within hours, days, or months. Bella is 3 years old.

Now some abortion rightist advocate killing of newborns who have not achieved their definition of personhood; Bella Santorum would qualify as one such non-person to them. To the Santorums she is daughter and a person complete.

This is a profound pro-life message and does not need further amplification. The conservative base which includes many of the social variety understands where he stands on this important issue.

All the Senator needed to say is that he chooses life, lives for life, and knows that Roe does not nor does President Obama and his party.

Homosexual marriage: this issue has tripped him up many times before. He did not call homosexuals practitioners of bestiality; he made an awkward ‘slippery slope’ or ‘draw the line’ argument about what other forms of ‘marriage’ courts may decide once homosexual unions are established.

His only answer about homosexual unions should be that he and President Obama share similar views opposing it. And the only difference is that unlike the Obama justice department, he will enforce the Defense of Marriage Act as signed into law by President Clinton.

Birth Control: The Media needed to spin the Obama Administration’s mandating Catholic and other religious groups provide birth control, sterilization, and abortion inducing drugs into the Republicans want to ban contraception. Santorum provided them with ample sound-bites to help make their case.

A more seasoned candidate would have seen the traps being laid for him and would have had better answers. Santorum proved he was not that candidate.

Maybe the next time.

I hope it isn’t 2016 because that would mean one more term of this regime and it could prove to be a terminal term for our republic.

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Putting The Pooper Scooper To Super Duper Tuesday

Cleaning out the clumps in the litter box naturally causes me to think about the political process and primary season.

Team Romney knows they dodged a big stake into the Heart Of It All because Team Santorum failed to get on the ballot in three congressional districts.

A mere 0.9% is the difference between victory and what Santorum got instead.

Thankfully, it isn’t enough to trigger the automatic recount Ohio election law requires.

Santorum left 18 delegates for Romney and the others to pick up. If he fails to get the nomination by 17…

Something else Team Santorum left behind was an entire state, Virginia.

Santorum is the stone in Romney’s shoe that he just can’t shake out and when he thinks he did, ouch, there it is again.

And Romney must be like the itchy spot in the center of the back Santorum just cannot reach.

This morning a caller to Bill Bennett’s radio show mentioned something significant about Newt’s win in his home state of Georgia.

He only won 47.2% of the vote by those who should know him best.

Romney won his ‘home’ state of Michigan by another slim margin over the Stone in His Sole but in Massachusetts, the state he was elected Governor earlier in this young century, he scored 72.2% of voters who should know him best.

Pennsylvania’s primary on April 24 bears watching closely to see how Santorum fares in his own home state.

Rick, that itch will just get worse.

There will be new clumps needing sifted as well.

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Super Duper Tuesday Becomes Weary Wednesday

It went down to the stretch run in the Ohio leg of Super Tuesday with Romney besting Santorum by maybe a neck.

No photo but possibly a recount.

The senator has only himself to blame for this because he was not on the ballot in three districts. Santorum supporters could not vote for him at all in districts 6, 9, and 13. How many votes were left figuratively on the floor?

My live election results from the Secretary of State’s website has almost 98% of precincts in with Romney ahead of Santorum 38% to 37%. It is closer because of rounding.

Mr. Gray-glo changes his mind because the neck is closer to a nose to a head bob or two.

Presidential races lends itself to horse racing analogies; maybe because most politicians seem more like horse’s asses dropping horse shit where ever they stop.

It isn’t over here until the attorneys show up for the recount.

Not much will change in the outcome except it may get tighter.

Romney takes the Buckeye state. But bettors are advised to hold all tickets until the tote board show official.

How much can I beat this dead horse race metaphor?

A lot, I am afraid, a lot.

Kaptur Makes Kucinich Kaput!

The night was different for Dennis Kucinich as he lost his match race against Marcy Kaptur.

I won’t believe Kucinich is finished until he is bound by garlic rope and encircled by a ring of salt.

Does he have a “Washington or Bust” decal on his car?

Stories have him shoving as many yellowed “Dennis!” signs into his carpet bag as he can.

On the Republican side on the 9th district it looks like “Joe the Plumber” who may not be known as Samuel Wurzelbacher may have squeaked out a narrower victory over Steve Kraus.

A mere 400 some odd votes separate them.

A recount is also predicted.

If Wurzelbacher’s lead holds past the recount, he will face Kaptur in a district designed for a Democrat victory.

Back to the presidential. Super Duper Tuesday has not cleared things up for the GOP.

Romney remains the favorite to win it all.

If not in ballot or caucus rooms, then in Tampa in the backrooms where deals get made.

But who among the field horses left will have the best horse trade the makes the most horse sense?

Sorry, but it’s almost 1:30 am!

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The Gray-Glo Endorsement: Rick Santorum

Tuesday is deemed Super-Tuesday when the seasonal hot air blowing through Ohio peaks. After Tuesday we get a little respite from campaigns until the general shifts into high gear. And it will be sooner than the start of Christmas December shopping season at the mall.

Folks in Ohio have been voting by mail (you remember mail) for a few weeks.

Mr. Gray-Glo will have no part of that unless it is truly an absentee ballot he needs to cast because he has decided to go into hiding.

And (clumsy segue time) speaking of decisions, with crunch time and deadline mounting, I have made mine.

Come Super-Duper Tuesday I am voting for Rick Santorum for President.


The final four candidates left standing have gone through the gauntlet of debates, personal appearances, myriad interviews, fund-raiser dinners, sticky stinky babies needing kissed…you know the hoops we make them jump through (some ignited too) we call republican democracy. I think to some degree or other each in his own way is a good guy and would make a better president. Each, too, has their own negative risks that need balanced against their positives.

When it comes to Senator Rick Santorum, his positives balance out and overcome his negatives.

First to come is a form of trust. Ideological trustworthiness: The kind of trust that a conservative needs to think and believe in their candidate—a philosophical trust.

I trust Senator Santorum will act and govern as president conservatively as defined and understood. By that, he will stand strong and work hard strengthening the three legs of the conservative stool: defense, fiscal, and social. Weaken or remove one and the entire stool topples and liberty falls on its ass injured.

Rick Santorum is not campaigning softening his edges that most lame campaign consultants claim need softened to win votes you really never had a chance of winning anyway. Damn, that was a keyboard twister to type.

What would be the point of enduring the liberal media’s smears, stones, rotten tomatoes and eggs thrown his way to drop your convictions when you get in the Oval office? There must be an easier way to get votes. But Santorum is not taking that way. He is not hiding who he is and what he believes to catch the sacred cow weak teat moderate independent which consultants say you must.

There is nothing shocking about his defense positions, they are basically mainstream conservative Republican positions of national security. I take that back. They are shocking when compared with the appeaser and apologizer in chief we have now.

Our current allies will know they have a friend who will have their backs. Our current enemies will know they have someone who takes their threats seriously and will do something about it. The pinky raised tea sippers at the UN will wet their pants more than usual.

A Santorum presidency means America is back and stronger and not afraid.

(We can say similar about Gingrich and Romney on defense but won’t since this piece is about Santorum).

Fiscally is where Santorum may have the most negatives. His tax policy mainly tinkers within the current system. He proposes two rates 28% and 10% because 28% was good enough for Reagan it is good enough for him. He wants to lower corporate taxes by 50% to 17.5%. Straightforward enough.

But then things do get complicated. He will use tax law to give manufacturing a boost by lowering their rate to zero. This is tax code favoring one sector over another.

He will increase certain income tax deductions and exemptions for families.

In simple terms he will not simplify the tax system but the rates will be lower.

On the spending side of things Santorum is no deficit hawk.  Part of his time in congress was spent spending and voting for spending.

This poses a risk. But only if you believe that the other three will not spend. None of them have clean hands and snouts when it comes to government (your and my money) slop.

But, this is key; Santorum is the only one who lost his job because of it. He lost his 2006 senate re-election when incumbent Republicans were justifiably judged to have lost their conservative principles.

He now says some of the spending we voted for then was a mistake. Perhaps Santorum learned from this loss.

Santorum can be described as an activist Conservative. If Hilary Clinton’s Village is the left’s idea of government’s role in our lives; Santorum’s Family is the right’s idea.  Where both meet is with Big Government. Santorum will spend but his focus will be on pro-family and pro-conservative programs.

Yet, Santorum can claim one important rollback of Big Government, the 1996 Welfare Reform. He was a key player in making this possible and led the floor debate in the Senate as a freshman. He started the groundwork on this historic legislation when he was in the house.

Welfare reform is the largest ever rollback of a New Deal era program. Short of closing a department, this was the biggest shrinkage of the Federal Government in decades.

Only Santorum and Gingrich can claim they know what it takes to pass this kind of legislation and create balance budgets since they are the only two to do it without a law telling them to unlike Romney had to as Governor.

Santorum knows what it takes to reduce and eliminate a program; he lost his way later in his career with spending and then lost his job.

Social issues are what Santorum is mostly known for. He is defined by social issues and because of that some chose to only define him that way.

There is no reason to spend time typing and listing his positions. They are well known and run the mainstream of social conservative thought.

This goes back to my first point about trust.

On social issues, Santorum walks and talks this difficult path to the White House where he is pelted endlessly by liberals and their comrades in Big Media. I sincerely doubt he will abandon this when he arrives at the White House. It makes no logical sense for him to do that.

Lastly, there is some commotion concerning his views about the so-called separation of church and state; a phrase that does not exist in the Constitution and especially within the establishment clause of the First Amendment.

Santorum will not create a tax payer funded Church of America, Roman Catholic. Only the most absurd liberal (sorry for the repetition) would claim such.

He says, and stories about him and his wife’s tragedies with losing a child followed by the trials of having a ‘special needs’ child back him, that his faith is central in his life.

He does not think he should not use what his faith, his church, has given him as a foundation when he is president.

We would not ask a CEO to not use that experience when they are president. Or would we ask a lawyer to give up what he knows about the law and legal system. But when it comes to faith and church and what they add to a person’s life, some are bothered by the thought of it.

The current controversy caused by the Obama administration forcing religious groups to pay for birth control and abortion inducing drugs as part of Obama-care is the latest attempt to mark Santorum as a danger to this so-called church-state separation.

What Santorum has repeatedly said is that his own church based views do not permit him to personally use contraceptives. And all he wants is for the Government to not mandate contraceptives on those opposed on religious grounds.

This is a quote from Fox News Sunday on March 4, 2012:

I’m reflecting the views of the church that I believe in. And we used to be tolerant of those beliefs. I guess, now, when you have beliefs that are consistent with the church, somehow or another, you are out of the mainstream. And that to me is a pretty sad situation when you can’t have personal health belief.

But that’s not what the issue is about. The issue is about whether the government can force you to do things that are against your conscience. And that’s what we’ve been talking about on the road. We haven’t been talking about my own moral beliefs. We’ve been talking about what the government can do in forcing people to change or violate those beliefs.

Even more important is that he follows the teachings and beliefs of his church. Substitute the word Constitution and you have man you will follow the teachings and beliefs grounded in the Constitution regardless of his personal views. That is what I get from his statement about following his church’s beliefs. He follows the beliefs regardless.

This is not a Santorum statement; I just changed “Constitution” for “church”.

I’m reflecting the views of the Constitution that I believe in. And we used to be tolerant of those beliefs. I guess, now, when you have beliefs that are consistent with the Constitution, somehow or another, you are out of the mainstream.

We cannot say that about the current occupier of the Oval office.

For all the above reasons cited and those not cited, I am voting Tuesday March 6 for Rick Santorum.

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Where Does Paul Factor?
You know he has not won a single caucus or primary vote.
The conventional wisdom is still on Mitt Romney winning the nomination.
But the reluctance of the base and the conservative base to embrace him makes the path and math to the nomination less easy and straight forward.
Super Tuesday may or may not clear this up.
Some posts to ponder:

There’s been a lot of speculation lately on whether Mitt Romney can accumulate the 1,144 delegates he’ll need by late August to clinch the Republican presidential nomination at the convention in Tampa.
And there’s also been speculation of just why he’s been so tight with Ron Paul.
Knowing what I know about Ron Paul, I suspect a lot of that is personal in nature. Ron doesn’t seem to particularly like either Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich, perhaps for the obvious reason that neither is very likable.
But Mitt seems an affable enough sort.
That might explain why Ron’s been doing a tag team with Mitt against the other two.
Another explanation is that Ron wants some bargaining power at that convention.


And as we get closer to the convention, there’s even more reason not to drop out. If it really looks like Romney can’t get to 1,144, then both Gingrich and Santorum will want to stay in the running for Tampa, as will Paul, of course.

Rove goes into some detail about the difference between a “contested” convention and a “brokered” covention.

I think tha may be a distinction without much of a difference. If no one shows up with the magic 1,144 delegates, anything’s possible. The horse-trading begins right then and it’s hard to imagine either Gingrich or Santorum handing his delegates to Romney.

It is indeed possible to see Paul doing so, however, in return for some reward or another.

Paul Mulshine (what a great name for a political pundit) cites two posts in his piece:

The Stone post has a lot of good information but is difficult to excerpt a key paragraph. But I will try:
Ron Paul’s campaign has long centered on a “complex plan to force a long battle with Mitt Romney for delegates to the Republican National Convention in August.”5 Paul’s ability to organize in the caucuses and supporters enthusiasm cannot be understated – as he continues to siphon delegates away from Romney, who is also depending on the caucuses to secure the nomination, – and is played out in Maine where the Texas Congressman lost to the Massachusetts Governor in the New England caucus by only 156 votes.
This could portend to one of the strangest political wife swaps if Romney and Paul strike some kind of deal. And this deal will benefit both Romney and the mainstream GOP by getting Romney nominated, including Paul in a key position while negating his going independent.
But Stone has charts and data pointing to Romney’s electability decreasing. I was never sold on his electability any way.
He has lost the electability argument as well. A February 16th Democracy Corps Poll finds that Romney “may be on the edge of political death. The shift against him is one of the biggest in the polls and he now competes with Republicans in Congress for unpopularity. In the summer of 1996, Bob Dole essentially was disqualified in voters’ eyes and never really recovered his footing.”22 Further, a new CNN/ORC International poll finds that 53% of independents have an unfavorable view of Romney, compared with 44% last month.23 Further a new Des Moines Iowa Poll released February 18th shows Obama losing Iowa not only to Romney by a slim 46%-44% margin, but also losing to Santorum by 48%-44% and Ron Paul by 49%-42%.24

Politics is personal. People vote for a guy who they either like or they trust to do the job well. Romney scores high on the latter category, but as the season wears on he’s looking less and less like a regular Joe. The sharp increases in Romney’s unfavorability ratings have removed the “electability” argument.

But this may not lead to a brokered convention.
Meanwhile, a brokered convention needs party bosses, and today there aren’t any. In the old days, party chiefs often led delegations of regulars who took orders and depended on patronage. No longer. In some states, winning candidates don’t even pick their delegates—party conventions do. This means that while the delegation is committed to support a candidate for a certain number of ballots, many individual delegates remain loyal to other candidates. That makes it more difficult for anyone in a smoke-filled bargaining session to deliver a large number of delegates.
But what about the a contested convention?
Rove, again:

As for a contested convention: This last happened for the GOP in 1976. Neither President Gerald Ford nor Ronald Reagan had a majority when delegates arrived in Kansas City. The nomination was decided by the unpledged Mississippi delegation swinging in behind Ford. But there are far fewer delegations in 2012 that will arrive in Tampa unpledged.

It’s also important to remember that, according to the Republican National Committee, delegates have been officially awarded in just four contests. Missouri’s primary was just a beauty contest, and the caucus states have county, congressional-district and state conventions to go through later this spring before their delegations are set, all of which will be affected by what happens in the race between now and then.

There are 48 still to go (including D.C., American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, the Virgin Islands and Guam). And once a candidate starts winning, they tend to keep winning, especially beginning in April when more states award delegates on a winner-take-all basis.

Brokered? Contested? This quadrennial show could be a ratings booster for C-SPAN.
No matter what it can make Paul’s –who is one of the wildest of wild cards– quixotic Pat Paulson routine of a campaign a deciding factor.
The crank may yet get a crack in that counts.

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Cuyahoga Valley Republicans Presidential Straw Poll Results: Herman Cain First with 29%

Last night during Cuyahoga Valley Republican’s September meeting also was our picnic cookout Herman Cain won the monthly straw poll with 29% of the votes.

Mitt Romney came in second with 25% and Rick Perry had 13%.

This is a significant change from August’s straw poll where newly announce candidate Perry was first with 35% of the votes. Cain was fourth with 9% behind Michele Bachmann’s 14%.  Romney was second last month, too, with 28%.

Amazing what learning about candidates from a few debates can do.

Perry and Bachmann fared the worse by what their debating styles revealed about them.

There were two invalid write-in votes: one for Obama which was probably meant as a twisted joke (although no booze was served at the picnic) and another for a member who was grilling the hamburgers and hot dogs. He only received one vote from his family but the food was good.

CVR will have monthly straw polls until the Ohio primary—whenever it may be.

The poster of this post is chairman of the CVR’s candidate screening committee.

This site is independent of Cuyahoga Valley Republicans.

Here are the totals. Percentages are rounded.

Michele Bachmann 7% 9/131
Herman Cain 29% 39/131
Newt Gingrich 8% 10/131
Jon Huntsman 1% 1/131
Gary Johnson 1% 1/131
Ron Paul 4% 5/131
Rick Perry 13% 17/131
Buddy Roemer 1% 1/131
Mitt Romney 25% 33/131
Rick Santorum 5% 7/131
Write In 6% 8/131
Chris Christie 2% 3/131
Sarah Palin 2% 3/131

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Cuyahoga Valley Republicans: Rick Perry Leads August Straw Poll

Cuyahoga Valley Republicans had its first straw poll of declared candidates for the 2012 Republican Primary during its August membership meeting.

Texas Governor Rick Perry received the highest percentage of votes.

The tally:

Rick Perry:               43/124 35%
Mitt Romney:              35/124 28%
Michelle Bachmann:        17/124 14%
Herman Cain:              11/124  9%
Ron Paul:                  5/124  4%
Rick Santorum:             4/124  3%
Chris Christie:            4/124  3% (write in)
Newt Gingrich / Jon Huntsman / Marco Rubio (write in) / Sarah Palin (write in): 1/124 1%
Total write ins:           6/124  5%

There were two invalid ballots because the people voted for more than one candidate.

This blogger is chairman of the CVR candidate screening committee.

Our grassroots conservative organization has almost 600 members and has hosted candidates such as Rob Portman, John Kasich, and Herman Cain (via Skype).

Click here to see Cain address CVR on July 6.

We will hold straw polls of all the declared Republican candidates every month until the Ohio Primary in May.

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