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Gray-Glo Back From Exile

The Ghetto Libertarian emailed me yesterday asking where Gray-Glo went; he couldn’t visit the site.

I tried and could not open my site, too.

Microsoft IE8, Mozilla Firefox, nor Google’s Chrome could not open it.  Neither could I open it with my Galaxy Tab tablet or Galaxy S phone. Mr. Gray-Glo was missing in action.

The loss of Gray-Glo (a blessing to others–The Voice) coincided with President Obama’s Misery Re-election Bus Tour through North East Ohio. Mere coincidence?

I opened a case with my web hosting provider on their support site and waited…

Today, I called their support line and Ryan found the issue and quickly resolved it and Gray-Glo is back from the nothingness side of the web. Ryan also upgraded my WordPress to its latest version.

Take that, Obama!

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Inevitable Inevitability: Romney Is The Nominee

All My Ex’s Live in Texas could be Romney’s song of the day as his victory in the Texas primary puts him over the needed delegate count of 1144.

His ex’s he left in the Texan dust are Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul. These guys weren’t even close; Santorum came in second with 265 to Romney’s 1191 delegates.

Romney’s ex’s combined delegates are 540 which is less than half of his total haul.  Makes one wonder (that would be this one blogger) what kind of influence they may have over the platform and other issues like prime-time speaking roles at the convention.

And about that convention, well, it will now be conventional as in a scripted and controlled formality of a nominating convention. Those who bet on a brokered back room wheeler dealer of a show can toss those tickets in the trash recycle bin.

The Paulist? Yeah, what about the Paulist? In chats and emails these hardcore Ron Paul supporters believe there are actual hidden and secret delegates that actually are his.

Gingrich and his I Love The ’90s nostalgia tour is no more. I hope the GOP has one of those invisible fence type collars on him in hopes of reining him in when his mouth and brain moves from rhetoric against Obama into rhetoric against vulture capitalism like he did during the primary campaign against Romney.

Santorum has the most to gain politically in the future by shoring up one of Romney’s apparently weaker stances—Social Issues. Santorum can help Romney here by supporting him and thus giving his conservative social seal of approval to Romney. He also can be the rod that takes the heat lightning strikes that come from the mainstream media away from Romney as it pertains to socially conservative stands.

Santorum could help Romney in swing states like Ohio where the primary was close and Santorum flourished in regions and areas home to the more socially conservative members of the base. Romney cannot afford to have these voters sit this one out because of their doubts about him. Santorum alleviating these doubts or at least tempering them can be the difference between Ohio going Romney Red versus Obama Blue.

And an Obama Blue Ohio will mean the blues for the rest of this republic.

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The Robaman Empire Marches On!
Political Cartoons by Chip Bok
Nothing like a bit o’ Python for clarity!

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Egypt: History Happens You Can Only Hope Not To Step In It

“We are Free” chant the people crowding Tahrir Square. Fireworks and fire breathers follow, it is a festival, a celebration…but the hangover is yet to come.

And no one knows what that hangover will be like.

The optimist in me thinks this social network engineered ‘revolution’ may turn out like the Philippines after 1986 when Marcos was forced out.  But we don’t have a Reagan we have an Obama who pretends to channel The Gipper but can only channel Carter.  Will that make Egypt the next Iran?  That’s what the realist fears.  The pessimist fears it becoming the next Lebanon or Afghanistan.

History happens don’t step in it.

Because we have had only one true president for life in FDR, we cannot fathom what three decades of dictatorial rule by one man is like.  We take for granted that we change or can change our presidents and representatives every four years. Obama replaced Bush without tanks or riots; same with Boehner replacing Pelosi.  It is something we do.  But the rest of the world works more like Egypt.

Foreign policy experts call that stability.  We need stability in the region, any region; freedom and liberty be damned.  Many times I can understand the how and why we Americans are hated by the street while the dictators who give us stability oppress them.

Remember this well fellow citizens, the stability policy keepers don’t just mean it as foreign policy, they mean it for us as well.  Imagine the stability our government would have with single payer health care, single voice media, single party elections, a single centrally controlled economy, and most importantly, a single armed force?  What is good for stability across the oceans can be good here.

History happens don’t step in it.

What was striking to this viewer was how inept Obama and his administration are with the events in Egypt.  I expect to be as informed as the media allows.  But it seemed like Obama was getting his information off cable news and Drudge like we were.

Lost in the dessert, indeed.

Mubarak is gone, replaced by the military.  “We are free” shout the masses for tonight at least.

History happens don’t step in it.

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Bush, Rove Cause of Current Deep Freeze!

The Big Freeze of 2010 continues.

All the continuous states and Alaska have at least one city or region below freezing; the lone exception is Hawaii.

This current cold spell is blamed on something called North Atlantic OscillationIsn’t it funny how whenever weather does not conform to the theology of Algore’s Church of Man Made Global Warming, natural atmospheric phenomenon is its cause? 


“The North Atlantic Oscillation is the reason for the recent cold,” said Christopher A. Strong, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Sterling, Va. “It is a cycle that, to a large extent, governs how cold we are here at any given time.”


Well, Mr. Meteorologist, I beg to differ.   The cause or the blame for this current deep freeze is George Bush and Karl Rove.  

Do you remember how President Bush had Karl Rove steer hurricane Katrina into Louisiana in order to destroy New Orleans?   The plan was to drive Democrats from the state so Republicans can win the governorship.   The plan worked very well.   During the worse hurricane season of this young century, Rove, Bush and Cheney practiced with the so called Katrina Machine until they perfected it.  

When the presidency changed last year and the Obama administration took over, Bush and company left the Katrina Machine behind.   A big mistake.

Bush (like most of America) misunderestimated how incompetent the new Obama presidency was.  We have recently learned that only 8% of his people have ever worked a real job in their lives; the lowest of any administration whether they were Liberal, Centrist, or Conservative.

When Rahm Emanuel found the infamous Katrina Machine, he told President Obama about it.   Obama was searching for something, anything to keep Joe Biden occupied.   Face it, the man just plain gets on his nerves with is crazy ideas; such as  partitioning public transportation to separate those with H1N1 from those with cough due to cold from those with runny noses, from those…

So Obama had Emanuel show the Katrina Machine to Biden.

Have Joe tinker with it, what harm can he do?

And here we are now.



My sources confirmed that this is completely fabricated, and I, myself have verified its falsehood.

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