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I Doubt The NRCC Reads This Blog But Go Figure…

From the NRCC Facebook page:

Maybe someone read yesterday’s post.

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Roberts to Obama: It’s A Big Fucking Tax Deal!

Who knew that Chief Justice Roberts secretly wanted to be a congressman? Because at the heart of his majority opinion is where he changed out of his jurist robes into his legislator’s costume.  How else can you explain what happened Thursday as the court ruled to uphold the constitutionality of the misnamed Affordable Care Act by finding the mandate is only a mandate if it is a mandated tax?

Roberts did a ctrl h to the law replacing the repeated word ‘penalty’ with the constitutionally approved word ‘tax’.  And like magic the judicial branch has grown its own legislative branch.

But wait…there’s more! Obama himself argued that his mandate was not a tax:

And during the first opening oral arguments the Supremes were trying to ascertain if the mandate indeed was a mere penalty or really a tax.

This little bit of debate was key to the entire case before the Supremes because the Anti-Injunction Act prevents lawsuits before a tax is paid. Taxpayers must pay the imposed tax to have standing to sue against the tax. Obama-care’s penalties taxes are not due until 2014. If the mandate is a tax there is no case and the suit is tossed out.

So, team Obama argued it is not a tax and the court accepted it to be not a tax so the case could move forward to have Roberts decide that, yes, indeed, it is a tax.

If your head is spinning it means you are following along nicely. It you feel the ground moving, that is because the Founding Fathers are following along and spinning in their respective graves.

Yes, it was that kind of week Thursday was.

Some of you (okay, the one of you who does read this) may have seen some esteemed fellow conservative commentators commentate that this ruling was indeed the work of genius as it puts Obama-care into realm of the largest tax increase in history and ties the Democrats to this tax increase while preserving limits to the Commerce Clause.


First off who in their right, center-right, center, left of center minds do not know that Democrats love increasing taxes? Any tax increase is never taxed enough or high enough for them.

And limiting the Commerce Clause by removing the limits as long as the expansion is a tax levy–even if such wording and debating states the exact opposite of a tax levy. That is one limit to be honored.

Now, this blogger has in the past over-used cleaning the litter box as a metaphor for political studies. As I sift out the pee clumps and cat shit I know there is not going to be any gold or diamonds found in the box after I am done. Somehow our esteemed brighter lights of commentary think they have found gold and diamonds amid the piss and shit in this litter box filled by Chief Justice Roberts’ opinion.

There ain’t any.

This ruling is a loss, a defeat, a crushing blow to our side who believes in limited government under a strict constitution where each branch is separate and plays in their own litter box for the good of the republic and its citizens. There is no other way this litter sifter sees it.

So, what happens next?

I don’t know. But if past is prologue we are stuck with this badly decided ruling for maybe 100 years or so.  I am not being overly pessimistic just resolutely realistic.

Dred Scott took a civil war to overturn it.

Plessy which made segregation the law of the land took 6o years before Brown overturned it.

Roe is still enforcing a faux right to abortion since 1972 despite it being a cornerstone of conservative campaigning against.

So how long do you really think it will take before the Affordable Care Act ruling is overturned by a future court or legislative act?

And if it is by legislative act that this is overturned and a new suit is brought before the Supremes, will some future Chief Justice effect the rules of Roberts and ctrl h it to mean whatever the court wants it to mean to fit into their opinion?

By then maybe our liberty and freedoms too will have come under the SCOTUS editor and be easily replaced with a keystroke.

That is why this is even a bigger fucking deal than that master of vice Vice President Joe Biden made it out to be.

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Mr. Gray-Glo’s Melancholy Spring

Spring is not usually a time for melancholic musings. It’s a time of renewal and regrowth after the dormant winter passes.

Mr. Gray-glo hasn’t been himself lately because he has been himself.

And left to my own devices, to my own counsel where I fling thoughts like hard hit ping pong balls off the inner wall of my empty cranium only to have them ricochet back and around; I find myself jumping, dodging, pirouetting, and other Jerry Lewis styled moves to keep from being struck and harmed by them.

A client who has himself as his own counselor has no hope.

There is a lot going on in our world and Mr. Gray-glo realizes all the blogging means not a whit to it.

POW! One ping ponged ricochet has hit its target.

Somehow naively I believed in 2012 with a biracial but self-identified African-American as president, we all have moved on and beyond race or ethnicity as The Issue. But as the shooting death in Florida starkly reminds this mere observer, we have not.  2012 is no further along than 1966 and the summer of the Hough riots in Cleveland.

Justice will no longer be served in this case because blood lust wants what it needs. And the media will keep stroking this lust until it gets the video it desperately needs; followed by the panel discussion hand wringing about responsible journalism.

Mr. Gray-glo has seen this sequel before. One version starred Gary Condit, another starred some Duke University students, and now we have this epic production. And if cooler heads don’t rise up it will end badly but with great video that will give all cable news directors woodies.

And no amount of typing on this guy’s part will change it.

Whack! That’s one sharp one between the eyes.

The Supreme Court has taken up the case about the constitutionality of Obama-care.

Six hours of argument spread over three days. Audio was released the same day owing to the importance of this case.

Nothing less than the future of the citizen and government relationship is at stake.

The justices have heard and questioned the litigants. Now, we are told, they have sat around their conference table inside the inner sanctum of the court and voted. Their decision and the opinions will be released sometime in June.

If by joining a grass-roots organization, marching on Washington as part of National Tea Party protest, sending numerous blistering emails, calling Senators and Representatives, manning phone banks…could not derail the passing of this bill; there is not one more word Mr. Gray-glo can post that will change what the court decides and the aftermath.

BAM! That ping pong raised my voice a few octaves!

Mr. Gray-Glo was caught up with the Venus-Jupiter conjunction from last week.

Venus and Jupiter could be seen flirting with each other nightly. Venus, the Goddess of Love and Jupiter the Big Ball of Hot Gas came so painfully close only to just become passing planets in the night sky.

It was an optical illusion because there really is too much space between them.

As the weeknight wore on, Jupiter moved further and further away from Venus. And now, they are apart.

The science of astronomy clashing with the romance of poetry…

Crush! A direct shot into the heart.

Maybe it was coming off my third straight week of working nights along with the distressed sleep patterns that caused the exasperation of this melancholy mood.

I tend to wear my emotions on my face. Mr. Gray-glo has no business playing poker.

And as one who does keep his own counsel when this darkness descends; I only have myself as my guide out of it.

Maybe, just this once, something I write may be of use.

Maybe a post can change something.

Even if it is only Mr. Gray-Glo’s own melancholy Spring.

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The Gray-Glo Endorsement: Rick Santorum

Tuesday is deemed Super-Tuesday when the seasonal hot air blowing through Ohio peaks. After Tuesday we get a little respite from campaigns until the general shifts into high gear. And it will be sooner than the start of Christmas December shopping season at the mall.

Folks in Ohio have been voting by mail (you remember mail) for a few weeks.

Mr. Gray-Glo will have no part of that unless it is truly an absentee ballot he needs to cast because he has decided to go into hiding.

And (clumsy segue time) speaking of decisions, with crunch time and deadline mounting, I have made mine.

Come Super-Duper Tuesday I am voting for Rick Santorum for President.


The final four candidates left standing have gone through the gauntlet of debates, personal appearances, myriad interviews, fund-raiser dinners, sticky stinky babies needing kissed…you know the hoops we make them jump through (some ignited too) we call republican democracy. I think to some degree or other each in his own way is a good guy and would make a better president. Each, too, has their own negative risks that need balanced against their positives.

When it comes to Senator Rick Santorum, his positives balance out and overcome his negatives.

First to come is a form of trust. Ideological trustworthiness: The kind of trust that a conservative needs to think and believe in their candidate—a philosophical trust.

I trust Senator Santorum will act and govern as president conservatively as defined and understood. By that, he will stand strong and work hard strengthening the three legs of the conservative stool: defense, fiscal, and social. Weaken or remove one and the entire stool topples and liberty falls on its ass injured.

Rick Santorum is not campaigning softening his edges that most lame campaign consultants claim need softened to win votes you really never had a chance of winning anyway. Damn, that was a keyboard twister to type.

What would be the point of enduring the liberal media’s smears, stones, rotten tomatoes and eggs thrown his way to drop your convictions when you get in the Oval office? There must be an easier way to get votes. But Santorum is not taking that way. He is not hiding who he is and what he believes to catch the sacred cow weak teat moderate independent which consultants say you must.

There is nothing shocking about his defense positions, they are basically mainstream conservative Republican positions of national security. I take that back. They are shocking when compared with the appeaser and apologizer in chief we have now.

Our current allies will know they have a friend who will have their backs. Our current enemies will know they have someone who takes their threats seriously and will do something about it. The pinky raised tea sippers at the UN will wet their pants more than usual.

A Santorum presidency means America is back and stronger and not afraid.

(We can say similar about Gingrich and Romney on defense but won’t since this piece is about Santorum).

Fiscally is where Santorum may have the most negatives. His tax policy mainly tinkers within the current system. He proposes two rates 28% and 10% because 28% was good enough for Reagan it is good enough for him. He wants to lower corporate taxes by 50% to 17.5%. Straightforward enough.

But then things do get complicated. He will use tax law to give manufacturing a boost by lowering their rate to zero. This is tax code favoring one sector over another.

He will increase certain income tax deductions and exemptions for families.

In simple terms he will not simplify the tax system but the rates will be lower.

On the spending side of things Santorum is no deficit hawk.  Part of his time in congress was spent spending and voting for spending.

This poses a risk. But only if you believe that the other three will not spend. None of them have clean hands and snouts when it comes to government (your and my money) slop.

But, this is key; Santorum is the only one who lost his job because of it. He lost his 2006 senate re-election when incumbent Republicans were justifiably judged to have lost their conservative principles.

He now says some of the spending we voted for then was a mistake. Perhaps Santorum learned from this loss.

Santorum can be described as an activist Conservative. If Hilary Clinton’s Village is the left’s idea of government’s role in our lives; Santorum’s Family is the right’s idea.  Where both meet is with Big Government. Santorum will spend but his focus will be on pro-family and pro-conservative programs.

Yet, Santorum can claim one important rollback of Big Government, the 1996 Welfare Reform. He was a key player in making this possible and led the floor debate in the Senate as a freshman. He started the groundwork on this historic legislation when he was in the house.

Welfare reform is the largest ever rollback of a New Deal era program. Short of closing a department, this was the biggest shrinkage of the Federal Government in decades.

Only Santorum and Gingrich can claim they know what it takes to pass this kind of legislation and create balance budgets since they are the only two to do it without a law telling them to unlike Romney had to as Governor.

Santorum knows what it takes to reduce and eliminate a program; he lost his way later in his career with spending and then lost his job.

Social issues are what Santorum is mostly known for. He is defined by social issues and because of that some chose to only define him that way.

There is no reason to spend time typing and listing his positions. They are well known and run the mainstream of social conservative thought.

This goes back to my first point about trust.

On social issues, Santorum walks and talks this difficult path to the White House where he is pelted endlessly by liberals and their comrades in Big Media. I sincerely doubt he will abandon this when he arrives at the White House. It makes no logical sense for him to do that.

Lastly, there is some commotion concerning his views about the so-called separation of church and state; a phrase that does not exist in the Constitution and especially within the establishment clause of the First Amendment.

Santorum will not create a tax payer funded Church of America, Roman Catholic. Only the most absurd liberal (sorry for the repetition) would claim such.

He says, and stories about him and his wife’s tragedies with losing a child followed by the trials of having a ‘special needs’ child back him, that his faith is central in his life.

He does not think he should not use what his faith, his church, has given him as a foundation when he is president.

We would not ask a CEO to not use that experience when they are president. Or would we ask a lawyer to give up what he knows about the law and legal system. But when it comes to faith and church and what they add to a person’s life, some are bothered by the thought of it.

The current controversy caused by the Obama administration forcing religious groups to pay for birth control and abortion inducing drugs as part of Obama-care is the latest attempt to mark Santorum as a danger to this so-called church-state separation.

What Santorum has repeatedly said is that his own church based views do not permit him to personally use contraceptives. And all he wants is for the Government to not mandate contraceptives on those opposed on religious grounds.

This is a quote from Fox News Sunday on March 4, 2012:

I’m reflecting the views of the church that I believe in. And we used to be tolerant of those beliefs. I guess, now, when you have beliefs that are consistent with the church, somehow or another, you are out of the mainstream. And that to me is a pretty sad situation when you can’t have personal health belief.

But that’s not what the issue is about. The issue is about whether the government can force you to do things that are against your conscience. And that’s what we’ve been talking about on the road. We haven’t been talking about my own moral beliefs. We’ve been talking about what the government can do in forcing people to change or violate those beliefs.

Even more important is that he follows the teachings and beliefs of his church. Substitute the word Constitution and you have man you will follow the teachings and beliefs grounded in the Constitution regardless of his personal views. That is what I get from his statement about following his church’s beliefs. He follows the beliefs regardless.

This is not a Santorum statement; I just changed “Constitution” for “church”.

I’m reflecting the views of the Constitution that I believe in. And we used to be tolerant of those beliefs. I guess, now, when you have beliefs that are consistent with the Constitution, somehow or another, you are out of the mainstream.

We cannot say that about the current occupier of the Oval office.

For all the above reasons cited and those not cited, I am voting Tuesday March 6 for Rick Santorum.

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Health Care Deform: Obama and Constitution on Collision Course!

Just who does this President Obama think he is?  Even Nixon acquiesced to the courts and turned over his career ending recordings.

Maybe he was inspired by former Ohio Governor Taft who ignored the Ohio Supreme Court when it came to public school funding, but that’s another story for another place.

Monday, U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson ruled the Democrat law unconstitutional.

This makes Obama care void and no longer the law of the land.

But not to the Obama administration:

White House vows to implement health care reform, despite judge’s ruling

Senior administration officials vowed on Monday to continue with the full implementation of President Obama’s health-care reform law despite a federal judge’s decision declaring the law unconstitutional and void in its entirety.

Is the Obama administration above the law?

When federal judge Roger Vinson issued his decision declaring ObamaCare unconstitutional, I wrote that a major showdown was looming this year.  I was referring to moves by Senate Republicans to repeal all or portions of the law and the administration’s expected appeal of Judge Vinson’s decision.  I further commented that this case would eventually be decided by the Supreme Court as neither side was likely to rest until all legal and options had been exhausted.  What I did not expect was the President and his administration would choose to simply ignore a judge’s order.  Based on the language in the ruling, it is clear Judge Vinson did not expect this to happen either.

That is not an idle question.

The victors in this law suit are acting as if the Judge’s ruling is indeed binding:

Insurance commissioner returns $1 million health care grant

In the wake of U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson’s ruling that the federal health care legislation is unconstitutional, Florida insurance commissioner Kevin McCarty returned a $1 million federal grant awarded to the state to assist with reforms. The money would have paid for a system to provide information to consumers on the rates of large-group insurers.

Florida is putting its money where its lawsuit’s mouth is.

Utah ‘no longer bound’ by health care reform, AG’s Office says

President Barack Obama’s signature health care overhaul is now unenforceable in Utah, the state’s top lawyer says.

The judge didn’t issue a restraining order, but he said his ruling was the “functional equivalent” of an injunction, complicating implementation of the act in the 26 states that sued.

“It is our legal opinion that we are no longer bound by the act,” said Utah Deputy Attorney General John Swallow. “That is the advice we’ll give the governor.”

States of Resistance: Governors are fleeing ObamaCare after the Florida ruling.

The Senate Judiciary Committee held its first-ever hearing on the constitutionality of ObamaCare yesterday, and talk about a barn door closing. After federal Judge Roger Vinson struck down on Monday the entire statute in a suit brought by 26 states, some states are already suspending any efforts to comply with its regulations and mandates.

“For Wisconsin, the federal health-care law is dead,” Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said in a statement, unless Judge Vinson’s decision is stayed by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Florida Governor Rick Scott said he had no intention of wasting “time and money” executing the for-now defunct law, and his insurance commissioner returned a $1 million federal assistance grant. Idaho will also freeze implementation, and we hope the remaining 23 states will join the rejectionists.

For all the liberal squawking, Florida, et al., are well within their legal rights: A federal court issued a binding judgment voiding the law, with Judge Vinson noting that he trusted the Administration would obey the “long-standing presumption” that such a judgment is “the functional equivalent of an injunction.”

Yet the White House and Health and Human Services have already said they’ll continue running ObamaCare as if nothing has changed. Imagine the rule-of-law furor if the Bush Administration had said a wiretapping or other civil liberties ruling didn’t matter.

Yes, imagine Bush just ignoring a court’s decision.

Last March this writer wrote that the Democrats owned your health care.  Never before in our history did one party rule attempt to change American economics and society.  And now we are witnessing the rejection of one party rule as it pertains to health care and the government’s role in it.

At the ballot box we citizens voted out those who ignored our pleas, our shouts, and our protests.

The House voted to repeal Obama care.

The Senate voted and along strict party lines the repeal effort failed:

United, Senate Dems defeat health care repeal measure

Senate Democrats remained united on Wednesday in killing a Republican effort to repeal the health care bill signed into law last March.

All Republicans voted together in favor of the McConnell-sponsored amendment. The vote was 47-51.

The House passed the repeal measure last month.

But the defeat of the equivalent legislation in the Senate means that the ultimate fate of the health care bill will likely not be settled until the Supreme Court hears an expected constitutional challenge to the law — particularly its mandate that most Americans buy insurance.

If you are scoring at home: that is one chamber for repeal, one chamber against repeal, two courts upholding the law, and two courts finding against it.

Scorecard for Judges on Health Reform Law: Tied 2-2

Obama and the constitution are on a collision course.

Nine justices will decide the fate of our liberty.

If congress can mandate any action of its citizens is no action off limits?

Today we are citizens…but for how long until we are deemed mere subjects by congressional mandate.

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Health Care Reform: Obama Care Ruled Unconstitutional

Another domino drops as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) aka Obama-care is ruled unconstitutional.

U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson’s ruling follows the newly seated Republican controlled house’s vote to completely repeal it.

So far 20 plus six late coming (newly Republican winning) states are suing.  This was just one case, one step, on the way to securing the state’s and the people’s rights against the Federal government.

What is important in this ruling is that it completely voids the entire PPACA law as unconstitutional.

The entire unread law is voided.

Key to the ruling is the highly controversial mandate to force citizens to purchase insurance against their will under penalty of law.

The mandate is the keystone that holds the entire law; without it reform collapses.

But that is not what voided the law.

Because citizens were so outraged not just by the reform provisions but by the very unseemly process of creating the bill that in Massachusetts they did the unthinkable: they voted a very moderate Republican to take the seat once sat in by the very Liberal Ted Kennedy.   Scott Brown proudly campaigned and won as the 41st senator to vote against this reform.

This led the Democrats to change plans drastically and pass what they had already passed before Brown was elected and sworn in.

And when that happened a very important clause or phrase was left out of the entire 2700 page monstrosity: Severability Clause.   In the millions upon millions of words within Obama-care they left out perhaps the most important ones:

If any provision or provisions of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid, illegal, unenforceable or in conflict with the law of any jurisdiction, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.

Keep in mind that just because this court’s ruling seems to track the will of a majority of citizens, the will of the people; it is not the will of the people who have won.  No, the will of the Constitution has won.

The government’s mandate against the people is struck down.

Will Obama follow the mandate of the court?

We will just have to wait and see.


Judge strikes down ObamaCare in ‘difficult decision’

Another judge says ObamaCare is unconstitutional (Updated)

Vinson Declares PPACA Unconstitutional
Entire health care reform struck down by Judge Vinson as ‘unconstitutional’
White House vows to implement health care reform, despite judge’s ruling
Judge uses Obama’s words against him
Judge strikes down healthcare reform law

US judge deals new blow to Obama health reform

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2010 Elections: Tea Party Support Grows
Poll: Tea Party support grows; USA divided By Susan Page, USA TODAY 
WASHINGTON — Just about as many Americans want Tea Party-backed members of Congress to take the lead in setting policy during the next year as choose President Obama, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds.

In a survey taken Friday through Sunday, 28% say Obama should have the most influence on government policy next year while 27% say the Tea Party standard-bearers should. GOP congressional leaders are chosen by 23%, Democratic congressional leaders by 16%.The results reflect the strength of the Tea Party movement as the GOP prepares to take control of the House of Representatives in January.

The “Tea Party” style of conservatism beats out the establishment Republican version by 4 points when it comes to setting the governing agenda of the next congress.  

But governing is the operative word here.  If we rabble cannot do more than rouse, our cause of limiting the Federal government will fail. 
Now the question is this: who will co-opt whom more?  Will the Tea Party types, and by that I mean a Republican who knows he won because of direct involvement of these various grassroots groups or the mainstream GOP who won with a R in their title.
The Tea Party grassroots (I am using “tea party” as an umbrella covering all conservative grassroots organizations that rallied against Obama-care, Obama-bail outs, Obama Cap, Tax, and Trade-away…) set the agenda for most of 2009 and all of 2010.   Either you marched with them or you responded to them, but make no mistake, the Tea Party defined and articulated the argument for the past 20 months.   If Time Magazine (Google or Bing it if you don’t know what a newsweekly used to be) had…TEA BAGS…a Tea Kettle would be Time’s Man of the Year.
Electoral victory was not the end game.   We are only on the beginning squares of this political game of Chutes and Ladders.   Next January’s swearing in starts the next round.
We supplied back-bone to the loyal opposition Republicans in both chambers.   The Republican men and women of the 111th did us proud.
Now, in the 112th we must work harder, smarter and with determined purpose to continue righting our government and country.  Pun fully intended.
Being the loyal opposition was easy.   Now the real work begins as we are now the loyal leaders. 
Remember who guided you here.   It wasn’t really the Tea Party people per se, but the ones who wrote, “We the people…”

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The Twister of 2010, A Peggy Noonan Inspired Rant
The Twister of 2010 by Peggy Noonan (bold italics mine):

Good practical advice on all this comes from Indiana’s Gov. Mitch Daniels, who met this week in New York with conservative activists, journalists and historians. Our country is in real peril, he said, we have a short time to do big things to get it right. Republicans “need to campaign to govern, not merely to win.” If Democrats are “the worst, the most malevolent” in their campaigning, “don’t match ‘em, let ‘em.” Be better. Be serious about the issues at a serious time.

What appears to be coming is a Republican rout. The main reason is the growing connection between public desire on various issues and Republican stands on those issues. But another is what is happening among Democrats—the rise of a spirit of destruction, and the increasing fact of fractured unity.

That was one major problem with the Republicans after President Bush’s 2004 reelection: they didn’t govern.  Whether it was the lack of leadership in Iraq or the lack of fiscal responsibility with the people’s money, the Republicans had government but did not govern.
Because of that and some scandals, voters said enough and lets see if the Democrats learned their lessons and give them another chance.
Well, they did and blew it big time.
From President Obama to Senator Reid and to Madame Speaker Pelosi, we got a lot more government but not better governing. 
Maybe Bush lost focus in Iraq and held onto Secretary Rumsfeld past his expiration date, but he woke up in time and stopped wasting time and refocused with the so-called surge.
Obama dithered when it came to Afghanistan and then followed through with smaller measures and confusing rules of engagement.
We got bailouts, buy ups, take overs, and after the billions GM (now 60% government owned) still went bankrupt.
We got a Health Care Reform Bill that isn’t reform anyone likes (for the left no single payer and for the right no free market reforms) and whose bill still hasn’t come due.
Now companies who dare speak the truth about how Obama-Pelosi-Reid care is affecting them face government scrutiny.
More government, no governing.
The Bush/Paulson team went mad with their TARP.  Obama and Geithner took it to another whole level of insanity.
He and the Democrats (most Republicans already bailed out of the bailouts) mismanaged the Recession that was ending; ended in June of ’09 and now are risking the feeble recovery. Obama won the recession and lost the recovery.  Maybe because they are for the right to choose to abort an unborn baby they can claim to be exercising their right to choose to abort an unborn recovery.
More government, no governing.
This is the Republican’s election to win or lose.  Only they can close the deal with the voters that they got the message:  Less government and better governing.
And the first step was voting out those Republicans identified as Washington as usual, Republicans known for more government and no governing.
Bob Bennett: gone.
Lisa Murkowski: gone.
Mike Castle: gone.
And new candidates with names known in business like Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina but not politics.
Names who once worked in politics but thought they left years ago: John Kasich and Rob Portman.
Names unknown completely: Joe Miller, Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, Christine O’Donnell…
Obama and the Dems say don’t give congress back to the people who drove us into the ditch.  Well, the Republicans aren’t.  They voted out those they blamed, too.
It all comes down to this:
Less Government, Better Governing.
It begins in the voter’s booth.

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Just Random Stuff While Munching On a Double-Tree Cookie in Chicago

Greetings from The Windy City.  Not the real one–Clevo–but the pretender, Chicago.

So, I’m just sitting here in my doubletree room, finished their cookie treat and don’t know how long that will last under this regime in D.C..  The First Lady is on a huge obesity binge.   This hotelier had better watch out or the regime will target it.  Maybe soon they will give out broccoli stalks shaped like the twin tree logo they have.   Don’t you love how compassionately tolerant the left are unless you happen to be fat?

It was quite a weekend.

Sunday this radical went to the Tea Party Express III (two more sequels than the Obama Regime should have) at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds in Berea.

At the entry way I spotted one adult with two small children.  They were holding small poster-board hand made signs protesting the protest (isn’t that some kind of double negative?).   But like a lot of newbies to the art of the protest, they crammed too many words in too small a space to see the message clearly as I drove past.   They incorporated a crudely drawn steaming coffee mug–aha, they are the coffee party folks we hear all the time from the Regime’s official media quackers (double good duck speakers).   These three are the Berea Coffee Party!   I take mine strong hot and black.  

From what I could gather, they wanted us–The Tea Partiers–know that they thanked The Regime for the Health Care Deformation Law; eventhough they like the the ones who wrote it and The One Who signed it don’t know WTF is in it.

Maybe their thanks are misplaced.   On behalf of those who are footing the bill, you’re welcome.   I knew you knew that  because you already feel welcome to my tax money.

Mr. Grayglo’s The Kid manages a coffee shop in a small central Kentucky college town.   One day some women asked if they could have their Coffee Party there.   They wanted to know if The Kid’s shop could handle the crowd of Coffee Party people.   She said, sure.  They handle big crowds like when it is the weekend high school seniors are visiting the college that’s the centre of the town.   Or the Brass Band festival.   But she advised them they couldn’t hang any political signs because her coffee house is apolitical.  

The day of the much ballyhooed Coffee Party came and…six people were there!   I mean there were more in the coffee shop as it is the hub of social activity.   But as for the Coffee Party folks, only six.   They were able to serve all without difficulty, the Kid reported.

Monday was opening day of Progressive Field.  

What can I say…another lost season seems apparent.   Even in this weak division the Tribe looks like the weakest team.    Seven games in and I feel like a Democrat supporter (kind of like an athletic supporter but with nothing to hold) reading polls and dreading November 2.

Indians lost 4-2 to the Rangers in 10 innings.  

Going to the ballpark could be a lesson in how Obama-Care will work:  long lines to pee, long lines to buy over priced junk (nachos and pop $10.75 and no salsa or jalepenos), and no choice in vendors.   And then the home team loses.

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Nation’s Latest Dance Craze: The 17 Minute Obama Doozy

This blogger was going to post something about his Easter traditions and spending time with his daughter.   But instead this guy went to Drudge and found the following story from the Washington Post about President Obama working dangerously without a teleprompter:

Obama’s 17-minute, 2,500-word response to woman’s claim of being ‘over-taxed’

When will Obama learn?  Without his handlers pulling the marionette strings and an experienced ventriloquist reading the approved script, Obama thinking and speaking (the secret service no longer allows him to chew gum) at the same time may just blow the entire con-game Rahm Emanuel has “crisis” engineered.

Anne E. Kornblut writes:

Even by President Obama’s loquacious standards, an answer he gave here on health care Friday was a doozy.

Doozy doesn’t describe the president’s impromptu spin dance moves as he tries to not answer a concerned citizen’s question about raising taxes with health care.  Because as Doris, the citizen questioner puts it:  “We are over-taxed as it is.” 
Kornblut (will she lose her job for this?) says Doris was blunt.  
It must have been because this blunt question and statement seemed to bludgeon Obama into severe verbal dooziness.
If the experience of Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (aka Joe the Plumber) is any guide, Doris can expect the full force of the MSM’s investigative reporters ferreting out every aspect of her life in an attempt to destroy her to protect Obama.   Doris needs to enter the Obama Questioner Protection Program. 

Mercifully, Kornblut does not give us Obama’s complete answer.   For that we can blame (or thank) Major Garrett of Fox News. 
Here is Obama’s complete doozy of an answer: Obama’s 17 Minute, 14 Second Answer on Higher Taxes and Health Care.
I will sit here and wait until your finished reading it…ok? Done?  Let’s move on.

Getting back to Kornblut’s original post; scroll down to the comments about her story.  You will find a majority of the comments oppose President Obama and the Democrats’ health care reform and other policies.  More so, they oppose him as president.   The Post is one of the bastions of liberalism.  Something terribly wrong is going on here for Obama and the Democrats.  
Obama is out selling a reform that is the law and is blowing it big time.
Memo to Emanuel:  Never let a crisis go to waste.  We citizens won’t this November.

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