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Washed Out Fireworks

Work interfered with our plans to go to the Home Days Fireworks Sunday. The super derecho storm that slammed the Midwest and Atlantic states caused severe damage in Columbus; I ended up working there that night assisting my company’s efforts to recover their wireless service.

We decided to go to Independence’s fireworks show last night.

All was fine as the Gray-Glos settled on a nice slope of grass waiting for the darkening sky that provides the best backdrop to those booming colorful explosions announcing to the world that we are here, loud and proud with our liberty.

But the darkening sky was not dusk or nightfall itself but another thunderstorm. Nature provided fireworks and the sky opened wide with a downpour. And we citizens scrambled back to the shelter of our cars and trucks.

Show canceled and Indians’ game in rain delay.

And we sat inside my truck waiting, stuck in the lot, waiting for the line of other vehicles to exit.

It soon got stuffy in there because the pouring rain would not let us open the windows enough. So, this guy decided to run the air to defog the windows and suck in fresh air, too. But he (did I ever mention how technically inclined Mr. G is?) didn’t start the engine as to not waste gas or pollute. And this is where Mr. Gray-Glo rises to the fore as one of those dopey sitcom dad/husbands like Ray Barone.

The truck’s battery was drained and rather quickly and the truck would not start.

We were doomed was the consensus of the others trapped inside the truck with me.

This was where traffic and the jam up in the parking lot changed to a blessing from a curse.

The rain slowed from pouring to mere rain and I got my jumper cables from the back trunk of my truck and spotted a minivan at the end of the line stuck in traffic. He wasn’t going anywhere anyways, so I thought I’d ask him the favor of a jump start.

The gentleman obliged.

Jump worked.

Engine started.

Citizens helping other citizens in need.

And we joined our other stuck brethren citizens in the parade of motionless vehicles.

Indians’ game in rain delay (they eventually resumed and won).

Fireworks drenched and postponed until Thursday.

The irony of all this is we were in the midst of a mini-drought causing  many communities to cancel their fireworks shows from fear of starting a brush fire.

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