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Greetings From Morgantown, WV

Tonight we find ourselves in the home of the West Virginia Mountaineers, Morgantown.

What has us here is a tale six years old.

During our 25th anniversary we were visiting relatives in Uniontown, Pennsylvania when I decided to take Mrs. Gray-glo up the mountain to Ohiopyle. Many years ago (ok decades) my friends and I would camp there and then raft the rapids. Well, the missus said she’d love to do that. Yeah, right!

I really thought that was some kind of joke or just a passing fancy that would eventually move on. After all, I am in my peak cardiac arrest years.

A few weeks ago we were back in Uniontown visiting relatives when I ran into some guy wearing a “Browns” t-shirt. With this being Stiller Country, Mr. Gray-glo just had to bark “Go Browns” to him.

He was from Norwalk and said they were here shooting the rapids in Ohiopyle.

Mrs. G happened to overhear us barking fools and mentioned that we still haven’t gone rafting the rapids as I promised her years ago.

As a husband, Mr. Gray-glo isn’t best at being a promise keeper.

Since I had some vacation time coming–okay a lot of vacation time–I created a long four day weekend and told Mrs. G that if she was serious about killing me  white water rafting this was the weekend to do it. She called my bluff and booked us with Wilderness Voyagers to raft the Youghiogheny river.

If memory of the fun had by me and my buds is correct–she has no idea of what she is in for.

She said it is one of her ‘bucket list’ items and that she loves exciting rides like roller-coasters.

This is nothing like a coaster.

And it may prove to be Mr. Gray-glo’s kick the bucket moment (which may be one other item on her list).





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