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Gray-Glo Back From Exile

The Ghetto Libertarian emailed me yesterday asking where Gray-Glo went; he couldn’t visit the site.

I tried and could not open my site, too.

Microsoft IE8, Mozilla Firefox, nor Google’s Chrome could not open it.  Neither could I open it with my Galaxy Tab tablet or Galaxy S phone. Mr. Gray-Glo was missing in action.

The loss of Gray-Glo (a blessing to others–The Voice) coincided with President Obama’s Misery Re-election Bus Tour through North East Ohio. Mere coincidence?

I opened a case with my web hosting provider on their support site and waited…

Today, I called their support line and Ryan found the issue and quickly resolved it and Gray-Glo is back from the nothingness side of the web. Ryan also upgraded my WordPress to its latest version.

Take that, Obama!

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